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Updated – Raw Speed & Power (& A Caddyshack Impression)

received_1063102347104229UpdateI found a swing clip where Blake was working on hitting some wedges and irons with his eyes closed.

The reason for that, of course – if you can adhere to the MCS principle of swinging with a stable head, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find the back of the ball, especially for the shorter clubs (shorter swings).

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Driving For Distance – Remember Impact

impsI have blogged on this topic before, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having optimal impact conditions when trying to drive the ball longer.

Improving impact will get you more distance, and faster, than trying to increase club impact speed.

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Once Again – Why Jack Nicklaus’ Swing Was So Great

jack nicklaus - blake elliottI’ve held Jack Nicklaus up as the greatest golfer of all time, and for more than just that he won 18 majors.

He won 18 to Tiger Woods’ 14, and throw in 19 runner-up finishes to Phil Mickelson’s 11 to date.

The most majors ever, won over a span of 25 years (a quarter century!), compared to Woods’ 11 years of major winning, the most runner-up finishes, and the 3rd most total wins on Tour.

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High vs Lower Heel Impacts (Blake With Iron)

heels at impactThe irony of working with Blake Elliott of McNeese State on his swing is that we haven’t tried to do anything to increase his power and distance – it has just increased as we increased his leverage and efficiency in order to make him more consistent with his ball-striking.

I’ve said that the optimal technique for increasing accuracy and consistency will also be the model for combining it all with optimal power and swing speed.

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125 MPH Club Speed? Come On…

dj imp momentusI had to relinquish my title of “Longest Driver I Know Personally,” last week down in East Texas, because I couldn’t keep up with Blake when he got going with that leveraged swing.

I’ve got him by probably 80 lbs (35 kilos), but he’s producing so much power that I’d have to start working out again to match him (as in swing work, not gym work…).

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Blake Plays #2 At Pine Dunes GC – Long Drive

blake elliott driver impactI got Blake on video playing the 340 yard 2nd hole at Pine Dunes the first time we were on the course together last week, and this isn’t the -1 round that he shot after some swing changes – that was a couple of days later.

This was the day he played the front 9 trying out the first day’s changes, I mentioned that after playing some different shots from places on the 1st hole, he went -2 on the 8 holes afterward – here is an easy birdie on the 2nd.

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Making Swing Changes Requires Trust

received_1063102347104229I am preparing for the drive back to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, but not before a lunch-time stop at Whataburger, which I’ve been told has great burgers.

Speaking of vittles, while in Bullard, I have had some of Ribmasters‘ excellent Texas BBQ (brisket, potato salad and pinto beans), and also Legends‘ massive “Hulk” burger, New Orleans style (two 1/3 lbs ground brisket patties, and N.O. style means with swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, thick sliced bacon and sweet bourbon sauce) with toasted jalepenos (and I got to sample a piece of Trey’s fried catfish from the same place), so I have not been wanting for great Texas eats while down here.

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Controlling The Ball (Blake’s Round @ Pine Dunes)

I followed Blake and his father around Pine Dunes Resort Golf Club yesterday (rated #1 golf course in Texas by Golfweek Magazine), which plays a little over 7,100 yards from the tips and has a difficulty rating of 74.4/131.

If you’ve never seen this course, it is tight, lined with pine trees down both sides of every hole, and if you don’t control your ball (you can miss a fairway by only 3 to 5 yards in places and never find your ball),  you will score off the planet – the perfect venue for Blake to see if he could control the ball with the swing changes he’s making.

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Two Different Release Actions

received_1038889276192203We all know why golfers “spin out” on their leading foot on the down swing or follow-through.

Simply, the hips must keep turning and if the foot doesn’t turn, something will have to give, either the leading knee or hip or ankle.

So, the easiest way, I’ve said for years, to esnure a full and vigorous hip turn is to release the right toe rather than try to anchor it.

Ben Hogan did it, as well as Byron Nelson, Greg Norman and others.  I call it the “short-stop slide” as it mimics the action on a side-arm throw.

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Remember The “Throw Drill” From Years Ago? Well…

received_1063102347104229If you can grasp the concept of the “ball throw” drill that I first introduced back in 2013 with the “New MCS” video series (“The Formula,” “New MCS Full Swing”), then you will be off to the races.

Reason being – I showed Blake this concept yesterday while we worked on his down swing sequencing, and his big miss had one source that I finally caught yesterday – the left hip slide.

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