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“MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot” Sale Is Over Thanks All!

drop-the-hammerAvailable Until New Year’s Eve

A big thanks to everyone who reserved their copy of the upcoming “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” video.

As I had said earlier, I would not be offering this video to the public after its release, so I hope everyone who wanted it got their reservation.

A Happy New Year to everyone, see you on the other side! /update

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“MCS Beyond Perfect Pivot” = “A Personal Session With DJ”

hammer-dropI’ve been wading through the 4+ hours of video footage that I shot with David D. over the last few weeks of the outdoor season, and I know now why I kept calling it “gold.”

I was only minutes into the first segment from September when my eyes got big and a smile broke out over my face Рbecause there truly is MCS Gold in them thar hills, my friends.

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4 Hours Of Video! (“Beyond Perfect Pivot” Project)

djs-wallIs everyone ready for the really good stuff now?

I have just formatted the video footage I shot working with David D. on swing in the past few weeks, and I have 4 hours of raw video from it!

So… let’s talk about “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot,” shall we?

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