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Anthony Kim – Poster Boy For The Modern Swing

anthony-kim-impactLaser commented yesterday about recent sightings of Anthony Kim, whom I hold out as the poster boy for how the modern golf swing concepts will utterly wreck you if you’re not careful.

I wrote about Kim way back in my Smash Golf Blog days, when he hit the scene and helped to fill some of the void left in golf by Tiger Woods’ leg injury in 2008.

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Remember This Guy? (Anthony Kim)

anthony-kim-impact**Originally posted on the Smash Golf Blog July 30, ’09 – Updated at DJ Watts Golf Blog March 2011

If you’ve wondered where Anthony Kim has been, he’s not even playing golf right now, according to his agent back in April of this year.

This is what can happen with a mechanically-flawed swing.  It takes a great deal of talent to overcome it, and even then, injuries and inconsistent play (“I’ve lost my mojo”) are just around the corner.

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