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“The Simplest Golf Swing Book Ever”

simplest-golf-swing-book-everIt’s so simple that the actual key to it is in “MCS – Dropping The Hammer,” and I believe I reveal it in more than one explanation on the swing, to David D. (who, while wintering in Florida, has watched the video several times and says he’s still learning things from it even though he was in it!).

Come to think of it, I glance upon the simplicity of it in the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” as well, and if I go through the “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video, I bet it will be in there too – I have never held anything back from you all, so the key is actually in the videos, but I’ll do everyone a favor and distill it from the videos into a simple presentation.

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My MCS eBook For Amazon Is Nearly Completed

the-mcs-golf-swingI mentioned back at the end of the summer that I was going to publish my future golf swing material on Amazon after I completed the “MCS Short Game” and “MCS – Beyond Perfect Pivot” videos.

The initial project was delayed due to my having to actually finish the Short Game and then begin work on the Beyond PP.

That said, my first eBook on the golf swing for Amazon is nearly completed, and I hope to publish around the beginning of December.

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The Amazon Project Begins – Taking MCS Public

addr-imp2I’ve never offered anything to the “general public” regarding the MCS swing research I’ve conducted over eleven years, other than of course what I have on my personal blog here.

That is about to change.

The original purpose of my blogging, undertaken in the autumn of 2007, was to document and discuss the swing research.

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