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Using the Body & Not The Arms (Updated)

batmcsOriginally Post April 16, 2015 – very relevant with the upcoming “EMCS2 – Follow Up” video, updated at Bottom

If you are wondering how to build your speed and power in a golf swing, the solution does not necessarily lie in the gym and building more muscle.

That is something you need to do if your swing is not mechanically-correct and you would rather go that route instead of simply improving your technique.

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Sneak Peek – DJ’s Right-Dominant Swing

swingrite-addr-topI shot a quick video clip of the right-dominant swing action I’ve been working on for the last while, and I can’t believe how much more compact it is than what I used to consider my best action.

As you’ll see and hear, this adjustment for me has dramatically increased my speed and power as I use the SwingRite stick for feedback, and today was the first day swinging after having determined what I was doing to get to the speed setting I’m on right now.

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Rory McIlroy’s Hip Stall – He’s “Cracking The Whip”

rory 3w addrI may be close to the end of my golf swing blogging, but I do have a few more things floating around the old noggin that I might not have shared yet… like “cracking the whip…”

One of the cool things about having a mechanically-sound swing is that you can recognize the traits of power-generation in other moves and swingers.

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