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Leadbetter Wonders Why He Got Fired… It’s Called “Exploitation”

lydia-ko-and-her-instructor-sean-hoganThe David Leadbetter situation is even uglier than I thought it was.

Apparently, he wasn’t even Lydia Ko’s main coach, which leads to the unfortunate conclusion (if you have another one, I’d love to hear it) that he was exploiting her for his own ends, and that’s as good a reason to have fired him as any.

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The Leadbetter Gambit – The A Swing Was An “Alternative”

a swingThanks to MichaelH. for reminding me of something about the A-Swing, which had completely slipped my mind…

My 3rd day posting about this issue, because it really rankles me.

I would love to know why David Leadbetter forced Lydia Ko into that ridiculous “A-Swing” of his, if it wasn’t for the obvious reason that comes to mind – that it was to make money off her by selling his swing with her as his “Top Gun” using it.

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David Leadbetter Throws The Ko Family Under The Bus

gd-headerAll I can say is, “Wow…”

David Leadbetter is keeping it classy following his discarding by Lydia Ko, putting all of the blame on her 2016 drop-off in performance (of course, it couldn’t be the A-Swing garbage he forced on her last year) on – get this – her parents.

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Top LPGA Player Leaves Leadbetter (Lydia Ko, Not M. Wie)

LPGA: Canadian Pacific Women's Open - Final RoundThe golf world is buzzing today about the top LPGA golfer who has left the David Leadbetter camp.

No, it isn’t Michelle Wie – it’s Lydia Ko, and not a moment too soon!  There’s not much to say about Lydia except that she’s one of those golfers you just have to watch play when they’re on TV.

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Leadbetter’s “A” Swing Gets An “F”

a swingOne of my good friends and Wax Nation member Kid Charlemagne sent me a link to the new article on David Leadbetter’s latest offering to the “Ruin My Body” industry known as modern golf instruction.

I must say that I’ve seen some shocking things over the last few years watching people trying to swing a golf club proficiently, but I was not prepared to look at what I saw before my morning coffee.

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