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Sometimes It’s Nice To Be Told These Things (Secrets of MCS)

dj-fall-walkingIt’s approaching official autumn time here in my corner of the world, and it’s nice to take morning walks after the kids have departed for school.

Gives one a chance to think and talk with Mrs. DJ and I was thinking this morning…

have spent 11 years, devoting all of that time, to researching swing motion, focusing of course on the golf swing.

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The 3 “Stability Factors” In MCS…

addr-imp3I said yesterday that MCS is the manner of swinging a golf club the way your body is designed to move and not according to bizarre positional theories advanced by the past couple decades’ worth of “modern golf swing” instructors and gurus.

And here is the way to describe how any MCS or mechanically-correct swing should work, whether it’s a swing based on my model or not.

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MCS’ Actual “Secret” – The Different “Swing Angle”

dj's swing angleThere are swing secrets and there is thee swing secret to MCS.

I’ve said that MCS stands simply for “Mechanically-Correct Swing,” and that is of course as simple as it gets.

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What I’m Doing With “Secrets of the MCS” Series

5 minutes of mcsYou might wonder what the purpose is of creating short videos that contain the same material in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video, or why I would even bother.

The response to the initial two videos, “5 Minutes of MCS” and “Separation,” tell me that I have inadvertently stumbled upon a new method of helping people learn and ingrain a mechanically-correct golf swing.

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5 Minutes of MCS Video – Available For Download

5 minutes of mcsIf you have been wondering exactly what I would say in 5 minutes about the MCS swing theory, you don’t have to wonder any more.

This video is the first of a series I’m calling “Secrets of the MCS,” and there will be others, such as the next video, “On Separation.”

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