“Look At That” 270 Yard Carry – PGA Tour Follies

Reason 1,472 that I no longer watch pro golf on television – this Instagram post from the PGA Tour came across my feed and I had to laugh.

The clip features Patrick Cantlay hitting a drive at the Dell Matchplay, and how silly are the courses and the announcers?

Have a look:


That’s right – two announcers gasping “Check this out” and “Look at that,” referring to a probable 270 yard carry and 100 yards of run down a massive slope on a concrete-firm fairway that Stimps just slower than Augusta National greens.

Breathtaking – and by that, I don’t mean the drive, rather the fanboy reactions to an unimpressive carry distance but what turns out to be a 368 yard drive.

What a ridiculously manicured hole, and what a ridiculous spectacle all around.

No, I don’t miss watching any of that.

2 thoughts on ““Look At That” 270 Yard Carry – PGA Tour Follies

  1. Chiefcowpie

    Maybe not completely ignore the tv coverage if you turn off the volume. Some of the vistas shown of nature’s magnificence are breathtaking.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      I actually tried to watch some of the final round yesterday, Chief – unfortunately, it was around the time of Block’s ace and CBS spent the next 15 minutes replaying it to death. Switched it off.

      As for the sound off, I’d fall asleep with how few non-putting shots there are per hour.

      I’m not missing much 😉


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