So I Tried Dunaway’s Model Again

The short and sweet of it – I just about nailed it, but my setup was a little too extended, I realized near the end of the session.

Things started out pretty well, and I know now that the reason I wasn’t able to crack Dunaway’s model was because of my setting up in the standard method the way normal physiques would.

That was destined to failure, but with the adjusted setup, I nearly nailed it the first time trying it again.

Even with a faulty setup, I was keeping the ball in the fairway and reached about 120 mph club impact speed and 180 mph ball speed – whatever the margin of error on this launch monitor is, that’s just 10 mph slower on each metric than my maximum club and ball speeds earlier in the winter when I was just doing speed work.

I’d say that’s not too bad when working on a different model with no muscle memory to guide me and with the faulty setup.

I also figured out the difference between setting up Dunaway-style as opposed to with the head already at its down swing position – to be honest, if I do nail Dunaway’s swing model, I don’t know if I’d even go for the stable head model except to test whether it provides more accuracy and/or speed.

As I said in my last post, when you’re set up properly for a swing motion like Dunaway’s, the fact that the head moves on the back pivot is not counter-intuitive.

It just feels like shifting onto one’s back foot to throw something, so my suspicion will likely bear out – if your head is going to move during the golf swing, it should only move on either the back pivot or the down swing, and you most assuredly will do better with it moving on the back pivot, which means it remains in place on the down swing.

Provided you’ve set up properly, I don’t anticipate a loss of consistency or accuracy, but that has yet to be borne out as I haven’t quite yet copied it.

Very, very close, however – just a tightening of the arms at address, and everything should be cooking after that.

Another trip to Tracer Golf after the weekend, and hopefully I’ll get it then.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “So I Tried Dunaway’s Model Again

  1. Pete Covell

    In addition to the lateral shift there appears to be a the drop of the head in the downswing. I suppose that is part of the “drop and pop”.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      That would be correct, Pete – I’m getting the same thing on my swing model at present, having looked a swing clip I shot today at Tracer Golf. Unfortunately, it’s too dark and grainy to be of much use but my head is clearly dropping slightly on the down swing into impact. I should have a finished model very soon and we’ll see if the head drop survives the cut.

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