I Still Haven’t Debunked Dunaway’s Model

You know the old saw, that a theory cannot be proven to be correct and that it can only be proven wrong – well, I still haven’t been able to debunk Mike Dunaway’s swing model and theory.

After my last two sessions, about which I was indeed correct with regards to my stance adjustments, I was still trying to solve the mystery of why my club face was turning over at impact, producing push-hooks, and I mean push-hooks.

As in, the ball would start ever so slightly right of center and then make a hard turn left – so I have indeed solved the issue of the setup with a club path more of less inside-out, but the club face was snapping shut, and nothing I did with my grip made any difference.

I was seriously put out upon my return home, so I went over everything – and I believe that my solution is the setup and pivot of… Mr. Dunaway.

I will play Devil’s Advocate and say, “But DJ, you don’t like the shifting head, you feel it should be stable and remain in place from the address to impact…”

I will answer the Advocate with, “No, I don’t like it – but only a fool sets out for answers only to reject the ones that come up.”

It could well be that the reason I hadn’t been able to crack Dunaway’s swing model yet was due to the fact that I had been setting up the standard way the entire time, instead of the adjusted setup at which I’ve arrived to account for my physical differences.

I’ve been working on the setup and pivot repeatedly and, with the adjusted setup position, I can see this working and working well.

So, if I’ve given it a go with a stable-headed version of the Dunaway model and it doesn’t seem to be working perfectly, then did some tracking back to see if it’s the setup and not the actual pivot action…

… it only stands to reason that I give the actual M.D. model another go, with a properly adjusted setup, this time.

Also, there’s this – with the adjusted setup, it does not feel counter-intuitive or un-athletic, this swing motion.

I’m not interested in creating a swing model of my own if it’s not the optimal version of how I want to swing, you see – I just want to know what it is and to swing in that fashion.

My original mission statement, after all, was “I’m going to find out who had the best swing model or come up with one myself if it isn’t out there.”

I said that back in ’05 when I began this journey, long before I’d ever even heard of Mike Dunaway.

Back to the lab in the next couple of days, more to come!