Ironic – My “Athletic Model Project” Is The “Dunaway Project”

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but the specter of Mike Dunaway will not leave me alone – time and time again I’ve said “Aha, I’ve got him!” only to be proven wrong.

That could be about to change.

Mike Dunaway, you’ll recall, was a college American football player (I say American because I have European readers who call a different sport “football”), and I daresay he was a better athlete than I was.

So, wouldn’t it be ironic if I completely failed to break down Mike Dunaway’s swing and replicate it, no matter how hard I tried, only to discover essentially the same swing model by doing my own research using athletic intuition?

Here’s the short and sweet of it – in fact, I’ll just paste (with an edit or two) an email I just sent the gent who sent me the last Dunaway swing clips that we have, and with whom I’ve been discussing Dunaway for years:

Well, wouldn’t you know it but today, while working on the setup for my new swing, I hit the proper setup (pretty sure, I’ll test it next Monday or Tuesday), and by George, the downswing is Dunaway from the top to the finish.

The difference is, I don’t like a shifting head, so my setup is slightly different – no shifting head on the back pivot and the leading heel does separate from the ground… right now this is where I am.

So, a little different setup and pivot action, but a near carbon copy of the down swing that you see in the clips you’ve sent me and his Austinology/Peace River swing clips.

Down and through, step-around finish. I can’t wait to go test this out, but the earliest will be Monday or Tuesday.

I was no where near the proper ball position yesterday, and that was because, I’ve just worked out, that I was using a left-dominant setup and didn’t realize it.

I didn’t realize it because, duh, I’m still transitioning to right-dominant and today I figured out the difference between a left or right-dominant setup.

FYI – If I’m correct, a lot of golfers out there who are right-dominant swingers are also setting up with a left-dominant position over the ball.

In fact, if I’m correct, the standard Classic Golf Swing setup was left-dominant in nature, which would mean that my model currently under construction would be the optimal CGS model for right-dominant swingers.


Here’s another irony – this last swing clip that we have of Dunaway, take a look at his head on the back pivot:

It literally doesn’t move on the back pivot, rather it moves down and back, what I call the “Trebuchet Drop” into impact, exactly what I used to do once upon a time.

Adjust that setup of his slightly, it would be a stable head with perhaps a slight drop on the down swing but no backward movement – at least theoretically.

I’m on the case.

3 thoughts on “Ironic – My “Athletic Model Project” Is The “Dunaway Project”

  1. Walter Sexsmith

    So what is the difference in ball position between right and left dominant, right is more centered in the stance and left is at the left heel?

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Still working it all out, Walter.

      With apologies, I don’t want to talk specifics about anything at this point until I have the modelling completed.

      Until then, everything is in flux and could change and I wouldn’t want to lead people down false paths.


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