Outdoor Season Is Here – Almost (Plus Progress W/New Model)

My practice facility and the area golf courses have opened for the season, albeit each day’s operations depending on fair weather, but I imagine by next week they’ll all be open whatever the weather.

With that, I may have had my last session indoors at the Tracer Golf facility.  I wish I could say that I trusted the numbers but we’ve been over that, however I used the sessions to work on my new swing model, so it wasn’t a complete bust.

On the new model front, I confirmed my stance adjustments from the last session were on point, and made progress on the back pivot by the end of session.

Yes, the back pivot which should be automatic from a proper setup – unless you’ve completely transformed the way you swing (for me, it’s a change to a neutral grip and swinging right-dominant rather than with my leading left arm as well as with different weighting and balance than previously), in which case you are truly as a toddler learning how to walk.

For example, there is a far different feel when swinging with one arm dominant over the other, so all of the “feels” in the old swing won’t apply, as I found out today after adjusting my back swing angle.

By the time I left the facility, I was pretty sure I had found the correct angle taking the club back, and I’ll know of course when I hit the range again to continue the work.

That may be as soon as next Tuesday or Wednesday, as my family schedule is packed for the Easter holiday tomorrow through Monday, but the rest of the week looks absolutely golf-friendly, which was not the case the last couple of weeks.

It will be a treat to get back out hitting balls at actual targets in fresh air, not to mention I’ll be able to give accurate distances on my drives instead of algo estimates.

I’ve spent the winter being told I can’t drive the ball past 300 yards even with 130 mph club head impact speed and 190 mph ball speed (all three numbers are off, I can drive well past 300 and my club & ball speeds are nowhere near 130/190, I would bet my beer money on that), so the actual distances will be refreshing.

It’s perfect timing to have arrived at this point in my model research just in time to get back out of doors, so it shouldn’t be long before I have some video swings to offer for viewing.

In case I’m tied up for the next few days, I’ll everyone a great weekend and will see you all on the other side.

More to come!


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