I Want More Athletic Motion – Here’s July 2015

Before I get into this, there is nothing wrong with the standard Classic Golf Swing model that I built looking at the great swingers of the past.

What I did was create a neutral model, removing the idiosyncrasies if there were any, of those same swingers.

What was left was the model presented in “E = MCS,” released back in the summer of 2017, but I personally find this model constraining in that it’s not athletic enough, and I’ll explain what I mean.

You can build a swing model that is perfectly mechanically sound, which is of course the goal, both for performance and injury risk reductions, but there is a whole range of models that are mechanically sound yet offer varying degrees of athleticism.

Take this driver swing above, from 2015, the last year I really did nothing but swing research – in 2016, I was primarily concerned during the outdoor season with other swingers, and I travelled quite a bit on consultations.

In 2017, I released the “E = MCS” swing video and from there to 2019, I was looking at the standard Classic Golf Swing model therein with an eye to both bringing myself in line with its principles and making sure it was the optimal version of the model itself.

Things came to a standstill in 2020 with the pandemic and I was just getting back to a more regular routine in ’22.

I basically spun my wheels in the mud during that post-2017 time, unfortunately, for three reasons – first and most importantly, I was swinging with a regular square to the target line stance, which will simply not work for the reason I’ve discussed.

I mean, it’s fine for making a swing under controlled conditions to demonstrate the standard model, but without adjusting for my issue, I was not making progress on my own mission and journey.

Second, I was swinging left-dominant which was definitely not optimal and was never going to get me to any version of optimal swinging to any model at all.

Third, the standard Classic model doesn’t work for me personally because the weighting and balance aren’t athletic, so was never going to get there myself with a swing I’d be happy with until I made the decision to build a model that suited my desire for a more athletic setup and motion.

Back to this swing:

Despite the fact that I’m swinging left-dominant above, the stance adjustment allowed me to set up more athletically, and look at that head stability even with the left-dominance.

Notice as well the trailing foot does not release until the moment of impact, rather than before as it has been for me.

As soon as I glance at my setup above, I know I’m going to see a more athletic swing action than I’ve been doing of late, and of course, the impact position is why I was hitting 190 mph ball speed with my Geek Dot-Com This that year:

Now, as I have just stated, this swing above is far from perfect with the left-dominance and strongish grip, but it’s the motion I’m looking at and I know how to take this swing above and make it optimal.

Today’s session was the first step, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I’ll take what I got today, analyze it and come up with the necessary adjustments to keep it going then, when I get back outside this season, I may be ready to just jump right into video production, for any who feel they would prefer to swing in a more athletic style than with the standard Classic.

I can’t promise anything until I know I’ve got the pieces all put together, but I’m working in familiar territory here from an athletic point of view, and I’m very confident.

More to come!