I Took The Traditional Classic Weighting/Balance…

… and went all the way to the other end of it, which didn’t work of course, but I worked my way back and found the middle ground that works, I believe.

I really don’t want to go into details about what I’m doing because, until I actually say there is a new model different from the standard Classic Golf Swing (and the MCS version which was presented in “E = MCS” and subsequent videos), I wouldn’t want people leaving that model.

The reason is this – once my brain accepted that the standard model likely isn’t the optimal way to swing (remember that there can be an optimal version of a model but that this might not be the optimal model in which to swing), I haven’t been able to go back to it.

I understand as well that many people who follow the blog and who have purchased my videos over the years would adopt whatever changes I make to a swing model, and I would not want to put them in my current situation which is:

If I try to swing in the standard model I presented in my videos, I now short-circuit because it’s not the way I want to swing, and that’s because I’ve left that methodology, starting with the way one sets up over the ball.

As of right now, I have no swing – if I were to even attempt to hit the golf course at present – well, let’s just say I wouldn’t be that foolish, because I am working on a model and no other model will work for me.

That would be a horrible predicament to put someone who loves playing golf into, but one which I personally accept as the price of building a better swing model.  I’m not playing golf right now, so I don’t have to have a swing while I work on a new one.

So, that is the reason I’m being tight-lipped about exactly what I’m changing up – I can discard a change and implement another without worrying about screwing up my swing, as I have none to begin with.

Just as one can’t live in a building that is being completely renovated.

I actually began drifting away from the standard Classic model even before the Covid pandemic disrupted everything and had me put my blog on either full or semi-hiatus back in the spring of 2020, I believe.

The problem was that I changed my weighting and balance over the ball to one that felt more natural (good move), however I was still pivoting and weight-shifting in the same manner that one would do for the standard model.

That is the source of my infuriating head shift on the transition to the down swing from the top:

You can see in this swing from last October, a perfectly stable head on the back pivot then a shift to the target on the transition, caused not by the setup but the pivot action and weight shifting.

There’s nothing wrong with that pivot action and weight shifting – provided you’re set up in the standard way, which I was not.

I have now found the setup that feels naturally athletic and am working on the pivot action that would go with such.

If the setup is on point, the pivot work shouldn’t take too long – at least, that’s what I’m hoping.

We’ll be back outside soon, and I can’t wait.  I hate launch monitors, especially those whose reliability/accuracy are in question, because when you’re hitting balls at actual targets, you know exactly what that ball is doing.

More to come!