It’s Official – My “Own Model” Is A Version Of Dunaway’s

Today was the first session where I didn’t start from scratch following intensive swing work following the previous session – I just took up where I left off last Thursday.

I thought I was there today, actually with so many balls smashed down the pipe, but the misses told me that there’s further work to be done to tighten up the model to where it should be.

However, I’ve got far enough along to conclude that, working on my own and using nothing but athletic intuition, the way I feel I should be swinging in an athletic manner is nearly carbon copy Dunaway, complete with the post-impact step-around, which made an appearance today and stuck around.

Nearly carbon copy, with a couple of differences.

Close To This

One, the weighting is different from his, or at least I’ll say it’s different from the way he and his mentor Austin stated it should be, but it could be the same as Dunaway’s for all I know because he certainly didn’t swing the way Austin did, nor the way described in their videos working together, except for when he actually swung the club himself.

Second, I’ve been studying this issue for so long, that of the moving head versus stable head on the back pivot and down swing, and I may surprise myself at the end by changing what I considered an immutable law of athletic motion.

Also Close To This…

I’ll be looking into this issue the next session and then it could all be over, although another road bump may arise needing to be smoothed over.

What I can say with certainty is that swinging in this manner feels so effortless, it’s nearly unbelievable – my easiest-feeling swings with the standard Classic Golf Swing model feel nothing close to this action.

The reason I’d give is because this motion maximizes leverage, so the leverage does all the work with the transferring of weight in the feet – you get to the top, begin the weight transfer and the ball is gone before you even feel any effort in the down swing.

Very exciting work today, and the first day in which I felt no frustration in the process, just searching for the answers knowing they’re all very close at hand.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “It’s Official – My “Own Model” Is A Version Of Dunaway’s

  1. BM

    Dunaway’s right foot drag – Do you see he has transferred his – whatever you call it – so completely that the fullness of his extension through the ball just pulls his lower right side along to where it ends up. And the right shoulder pushes his chin and head into its final resting place. It’s really a thing of beauty.

    The lack of tension is very noticeable. Just as when watching Jack swing in his Golf My Way video. “Frankly I prefer that one” Jack mugs to the camera after effortlessly crushing a drive is my favorite.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      It is a pleasure to watch isn’t it BM? I’ve watched this action for years and I still get a kick out of it.

      And yes, Nicklaus is the swing to watch when it comes to the standard Classic Golf Swing. 👍🏼

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