Today Was Amazing – My Model Is Getting There

It was a story of night and day – when I began my session with some adjustments to the stance and pivot action for the swing model I’m building from the ground up with only athletic intuition as a guide, things were very bleak.

I was about 45 minutes in and so frustrated that I wanted to snap my driver over my knee, because it just wasn’t there.

I switched from the Geek Dot-Com This to my TaylorMade RBZ just to get a different look at the ball and club, and about an hour in, things began to click.

I hit balls for another half hour and saw daylight as I settled into the proper positions and mechanical action – not so easy when making changes to both stance and pivot.

By the time the session was up, I packed up feeling light as air, even though I was bone-tired.  I still didn’t have the feel of what I was doing (meaning it still felt very strange, especially the down swing through impact), but I trusted whatever the feel was and was smashing the ball down the line.

There is still likely a bit more work to do, but I love this new swing because it felt so stable, as though the only things moving were my shoulders and arms, even though it was the hips and legs doing the work.

It felt a lot more stable than even some of my best swings with the standard Classic Golf Swing action.

That quiet aspect was what thrilled me – even though I felt I was barely moving in place, I began to pick up club and ball speed and was back into the 120mph-180mph range by end of session.

It’s great timing as well, because spring is around the corner and I would absolutely love it if I’ve got this new model nailed down before I get back outside and can hit the ground running.

One thing has me curious about how the swing actually looks – today, I was swinging through to the finish and there was no sliding/releasing trailing foot, no step-around, even though I was finishing on my leading foot.

It could be that I’ve got a psychological speed-brake on this new swing (unconsciously swinging less than full-out out of caution or lack of trust in the whole motion yet), but that doesn’t bother me.

If I’m getting 120-180 now and this is the case, I’ll be swinging a good deal faster when the trust kicks in and I start swinging hard enough to have to release that trailing foot.

Can’t complain about that!

It isn’t deliberate either. I just noticed that I wasn’t having to release that trailing foot on the follow-through.

I won’t be taking video of my swing until back out of doors, however.  I just want to nail the model down without being preoccupied about other things like getting video or anything else to distract me from the task at hand.

Still, I imagine we’ll be back outside in about a month from now – there’s still some snow cover after the storms the last couple of weeks, but it’s due to rain tomorrow and the rest of the month has daily highs above freezing.

I figure a few days to get rid of the snow and then 3-4 more weeks to dry and firm up the ranges and courses, then we’re in like Flynn.

More to come!

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