I Could End Up Completely Off Base On This…

However, there are several things that have popped the light bulb since I decided to build my own golf swing model from the ground up using athletic intuition.

The first is that as soon as I decided that I wasn’t going to optimize my swing with the same address principles as used in the conventional Classic Golf Swing, everything began to change for me when I began to look into how exactly I should stand over the ball.

Don’t get me wrong – the conventional Classic Golf Swing as presented in my last videos from “E = MCS” on, is far better than anything the pros are doing out there with their Modern Golf Swing lunacy – but I believe there’s an even better way to swing from an athletic point of view.

Not only that – what I believed was a model for a right-dominant swinger, this model upon which I’m currently at work – I think, if I’m getting it correctly, this model works equally for right or left-dominant (and of course the neutral dominant where one feels as though one is swinging with both arms equally).

Additionally, isn’t that the way an optimal golf swing model should work, since we’re holding onto the club with both hands while standing on both feet while swinging?

I mean, just as a hypothetical example: If the right shoulder goes one direction, the left shoulder must follow suit in mirror opposite, if we’re talking about the human form – if the right shoulder lifts and moves behind the C7, the left shoulder must automatically drop and move in front of the C7.

So, just feeling as though you’re swinging with the right arm dominant shouldn’t change a thing with regards to the left arm action therefore the proper pivot with the left arm feeling dominant should naturally produce the same motion in the right arm as if it were dominant.

If not, then there’s something wrong (or not optimal, to avoid being unduly harsh about a good or great swing action).

Fortunately for me, I can switch back and forth between swinging right or left dominant in this model due to being cross-dominant handed (which is different from being ambidextrous), so I should be able to confirm this theory of mine with swing analysis.

In this regard, I would then have to conclude that a very high percentage of swing problems experienced by the golfer from amateur to pro stem from setting up to the ball with an address that is simply not optimal.

I’ll be back in the lab this coming week, and the work continues, but I’m very encouraged by the at-home model work, therefore very enthused about the coming sessions.

More to come!

4 thoughts on “I Could End Up Completely Off Base On This…

  1. BM

    DJ, Yesterday hit an absolutely perfect 5w off tee – 225 pure. My reflection of swing was it was a perfect backswing the first 3 feet. The rest was just an athletic movement. Does that fit with your model?

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      It sure does, BM! You almost feel in the first couple of feet or that first metre, that you’re making a good pivot, and when you make contact, it’s confirmed! 🙂

      1. BM

        DJ, I wish I had video of the swing! The feel was my head stayed very centered and back as the back-swing continued. Normally when I try for extension in the backswing I drag the club back low and the left shoulder goes way back and my head goes with it.

        This time, I felt like I still had maximum extension in the backswing, but I was operating more like a hammer thrower with the rotation of my torso.

        In any event the backswing and through swing were perfectly in a slot and man the ball sailed effortlessly as long and true as I am capable of.

        Is maximizing distance from the base of the neck and the clubhead (keeping the string taught) desirable? Inquiring minds want to know.


        1. DJ Watts Post author

          It is desirable, BM – however all you have to do to get this is to keep the lead arm straight on the back pivot.

          The arm doesn’t stretch, nor the club shaft, so maximum extension happens automatically if the lead arm is kept straight on the back pivot.

          The stable head position will do more to help you generate power and distance than anything else, but a stable head with maximum extension = good things!


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