Modeling Work Going Well, Time For A Test

As I said last week, I’m working on my own golf swing model at the present, a model in which I am discarding any rules or principles presented by other swingers.

I’m just asking myself, “Based upon what you now know about mechanics, what would you say now is the best way in which to swing a golf club from a speed, accuracy and repeatability standpoint?”

I have to say, once I decided last week that the setup I prefer is more athletically intuitive and decided to go with it, the rest of the model has pretty much fallen into place as I piece everything together.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so I’ll be testing this out at the launch monitor facility.

I think that if I can take this setup that I had in 2018:

… and optimize it with improvement of the grip looking face-on and also the balance looking down the line:

… then I should be where I currently am with the modeling as far as the address procedure and setup.

Starting yesterday, I’ve been working on the actual mechanics of the pivot (with this model, one can pivot with either the rotary hip turn of the Classic Golf Swing or the shift & post onto the trailing leg as with the Post-Modern/Dunaway) and of course the down swing into impact and follow-through/finish.

And that will take the below swing:

… from not too bad to my ultimate swing action.

I think I’ll blow my best ever swings right out of the water with this model, including anything I’ve done with regards to speed and distance, not just accuracy and consistency.

First, the testing.

More to come.