After Careful Review Pt. 2

The thing about this new setup I’m exploring is that, as I’ve said in Pt 1, it’s neither the standard Classic Golf Swing setup I laid out in the “E = MCS” video, nor is it the setup that Mike Dunaway used for his swing model, nor is it even the way I was personally setting up for the Dunaway-inspired Post-Modern Swing model.

This setup, which I discovered completely by accident when I switched into “athletic intuition” mode trying to figure out a fix for my early turn through impact, is something completely different from anything in the standard Classic Golf Swing method of swinging we’ve seen through the generations – but it is still a Classic Golf Swing model!

You might inquire how or why, after over 15 years studying the golf swing and modeling, I am suddenly talking about a different way to swing Classic style when I really have had one particular model established in 2015 after I stopped trying to figure out other peoples’ swings and just build a model from scratch beginning with Ben Hogan’s pivot action.

Well, the answer is that it’s been on the boil somewhere in the back of my mind ever since I discovered the left-dominant bias in my setup and action and set about figuring out how to swing right-dominantly.

The minute I made the discovery, the standard way of swinging Classic style began to be a problem for me, because my intuition rebelled against it.

Sure, if I’m going to swing with my left arm as the dominant arm, which is perfectly fine if you have the proper setup, or if I’m going to swing with the feeling that I’m using both arms to swing the club, the standard method works.

I mean, unless you’re going to say Jack Nicklaus couldn’t swing, or Sam SneadBen Hogan, Byron Nelson etc – they all had that standard setup both down the line:

… where they all have the erect stance, relaxed upper spine, etc. as well as face-on:

… while not exactly the same, all still following certain principles of the weight pressed into the leading foot, the hands at or near the leading inside thigh, ball starting on the leading heel and moving back, etc., wouldn’t we agree?

In what other way would you swing in the Classic Golf Swing style but differently?

Well, I’ll tell you all right now that until late last week, I didn’t see how you could swing in the Classic style but differently from above and still be mechanically-correct.

Today however, I think there’s another way to swing classically (defined as using the free movement of the hips and legs to power the pivot and down swing), just differently from the way we’ve watched since the days of Bobby Jones.

Yes, it’s a bold statement, but one I’m prepared to make and then try to back up.

I haven’t been this excited about the golf swing since I began to build the MCS Classic Golf Swing model back in late 2014, resulting in the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video in early 2015.

In fact, I’m even more excited because back then, I was just trying to identify the setup and swing action characteristics of other swingers.

Now, I’m out of the box and building my first personal swing model ever that is not based on observations of other swings but on everything I’ve learned for myself over the years.

Let’s see where it goes.

More to come.

4 thoughts on “After Careful Review Pt. 2

  1. peterallenby2013

    Wherever you go, there you are! – Jon Kabat Zinn… The journey continues and I, for one, am always grateful to be along for the ride and the discovery!

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Much appreciated, PA – the model is not that different, by the way, just that I feel certain things should be done differently from the MA/MD models as well as the traditional Classic Golf Swing. It’s probably why I’ve struggled to optimize either swing model, because my athletic intuition rebelled against certain things.

      So, I won’t be standing on my head and some people may think they see no difference at all (likely because I’ve done things in my own setup from time to time that violated traditional principles but that will be part of the new model), but rest assured, the way that feels best for me is not the way people are taught, including some of the best swingers ever.

      Since I already knew what I wanted to do that was different, it shouldn’t take too long. Stay tuned! 🙂

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