After Careful Review Of The Classic Golf Swing…

I’ve decided to do something completely outside the box for my next foray to the Tracer Golf launch monitor site.

What might that be, one may ask?

Let me tell you – taking everything I’ve learned from personal experience and also from watching the mechanics of the greatest swingers ever, I’m dropping everything in my past modeling and seeing how I would swing a golf club now, based simply on what feels naturally athletic to me.

It all began when I got home from the last outing Thursday afternoon and while initially pleased with the work I’d done, I saw something in my swing that explained the left misses.

When I began to look into it with the swing aid, I noticed what it was, and the cause exasperated me so much that I began to perform dozens of swing over and over to get rid of the bad habit.

While doing so, I noticed that I was starting to just set myself up for the swing motion by feel, and that things were a little different from the way I’d swing with the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

That model, of course, was built using Ben Hogan’s pivot action and the setups of not only Hogan’s but also Jack Nicklaus’ and Sam Snead’s, as the 3 were very similar in their setups:

Once I noticed that I was setting up by feel, really taking note of my shoulder alignment, I began to keenly observe everything that I was doing by feel.

I was also setting up for a right-dominant swing, and by the end of the evening, I was sure I was onto something.

“If I’m going to swing right-dominant and not have my shoulders open early,” I said to myself, “this is the way I would set up for that that swing…”

Meaning, I established a setup that would make it impossible to have an open-shouldered impact position, which of course makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Because I’m pretty sure now that while I used to be open-shouldered at address and impact due to my spinal twist in prior years, the open-shouldered impacts on Thursday were due to a mechanical flaw in my down swing.

So, to perform a right-dominant swing action with the proper mechanics (I’ll know soon), I discovered that I certainly wouldn’t set up in the Classic Golf Swing manner, and not like Dunaway either, but in this particular way, all still mechanically-sound, of course.

Then I began to really swing that swing aid yesterday with the new setup, and there it was – a right-dominant swing action that didn’t have my shoulders opening prematurely (into the swing bottom), and absolute stability on the follow to the finish.

It was also the swing motion I’ve envisioned exists – a stable head on the pivot and down swing, a combination of Classic hip turn with a more Dunaway-esqe posting onto the right leg and hip, with a flat-footed swing bottom and delayed step-around finish.

Here’s the thing, though – it’s not the setup I was working on for the MCS Post-Modern (Dunaway) model, it sure isn’t the setup that one uses for the MCS Classic Golf Swing, and it sure isn’t the setup I’ve seen used anywhere else, for that matter.

Even Dunaway’s setup, I found counter-intuitive – why set up with a position that is going to require a shifting head on the pivot, because that’s the one thing I simply can not make myself do after a lifetime of sports participation.

I know that the head is supposed to remain stable throughout the entire motion from back swing to impact, and nothing anyone can tell me will change that unless I am proven wrong or they’re proven correct.

I will be testing this setup out as soon as I can early in the coming week and I’ll report my findings.

More to come.