I Think I’ve Found The Left Issue (And Why I Won’t Stop)

One of the great things about doing swing research in real time is getting to share one’s work as it proceeds, but it’s also a hazard – you could miss things as you post your work, and that’s what happened just now.

A quick aside for any newcomers to the blog (and thanks for the emails) – I have developed a golf swing model based upon personal athletic intuition and studying the best swings of the greatest champions.

That model work is completed, has been for some time – the current research I’m conducting is to establish:

1. Whether or not it’s optimal, can it be improved and

2. Can anyone use this model, even with personal physical characteristics out of the ordinary? (In this regard, I’m the test-case).

For years, I presented my research and findings, while I built this model, even though I personally wasn’t able to replicate it exactly (although my ball-striking certainly improved and keeps improving, the closer I get to it), until I decided that simply knowing how someone could best swing a golf club really wasn’t going to satisfy me until I could do it as well.

I’ve come close as I worked on it, but there was always something in there that wasn’t standard.

Yes, I can play a decent round of golf (or could, before I quit playing regularly as my swing was in constant flux due to the swing work), yes, I can drive a ball over 325 yards on a good day and pretty much bombard the flagstick when I have been swinging a certain way without making changes for a while, but…

Here’s the real reason I’m still blogging about and working on the golf swing:

I just want to do it the way the model dictates, because without that goal, I’ve finished my model work and would have packed it all in and hit the links to play golf without a care in the world, compensating for whatever it is in my own physical nature that made it impossible to replicate the standard model.


I didn’t think I’d remove yesterday’s post and video so quickly, as I do with posts when something arises to make either the posting or the contained media instantly out-dated, yet here I am, because I put it up before I actually looked at the swing action.

Now, it could be that my body composition means I’ll always have my shoulders opening prematurely coming down into impact even from a squared address position, or it could be I’m still unconsciously doing something from my left-dominant days.

I kept looking at the video I shot yesterday and when I noticed what I did, it had to come down.

I could stand there in a launch facility or the driving range, and pelt balls 300 yards or more all day long, because I’m close enough to the optimal model – but I have OCD and if there’s anything in that motion that separates it from the optimal vision in my mind, I’m not interested in looking at it other than diagnose and fix.

So, I saw something in the swings from yesterday that I didn’t want to see, and considering that it could be a ridiculously easy fix (I’ll explain it if I’m correct, because it may help others who miss with a pull), I’ve removed the video.

I have lots of video of myself swinging, I don’t need any more unless I like what I’m seeing.

More to come.