New High Ball Speed & Perhaps Some Swing Clips In March?

I worked on the Post-Modern swing model yesterday and got close to replicating it, as close as I’ve gotten thus far.

The main catalyst was finally squaring up my entire body, but I have to say that it will take another session or two to get used to the dramatically different look and feel of a setup I’ve never had before.

From there, while I wasn’t yet in quite the optimal setup position other than being squared up, I inched my way closer to it and managed to hit some very big and straight drives – as I said before, once I figured out the shoulder alignment issue, it shouldn’t be too long before I get where I’m going.

Once I do, I’ll see about getting some swing clips down the line with the monitor screen in view, as well as some face-on angles if I have enough room to do so.

Numbers-wise, I don’t believe any of the numbers on this launch monitor so all I’ll say is that I did eke out a new high in ball speed – 192.2 mph as shown below, and another blast nearly 192 mph that was pretty much a perfect little 8 yard draw:

I’ll state right now that there’s no way I’m getting 190 mph ball speed, I keep it real on this blog – the fastest I’ve ever had was around 194 mph ball speed:

October 2015

… and that was back when I was nearly eight years younger (it was in October of 2015) and swinging pretty regularly (4-5 days/wk).

Although I’m using the exact same driver (6 degree lofted Geek Dot-Com This), the SSR device I used back then was perfectly accurate for capturing ball speed – yes, it can give false high speeds with drivers because the toe of the club may be moving faster than the center as the face closes, but a ball is round so the number is the number with ball speeds.

I’ll take a Doppler radar device’s word on ball speed over a camera-driven launch monitor tabulation that also gives me 4,000 rpm of back spin on a 6 degree driver and 280 yard drives on the so-called 190 mph ball speed, because I’m not going to sit here at nearly 53 years of age and tell you all I’m driving the ball 190 mph while working on a swing model, that’s just not realistic.

The club and ball speeds are as bogus as the launch angle, spin and carry/run numbers, imo.

Right now, I’m likely in the mid-to-high 170’s, perhaps shading 180 mph ball speed on my fastest balls, if I were to give sworn testimony and an estimate.  Driving distances probably 300-315 yards carry on my longest drives.

The good thing is that I did reach a new ball speed high on that monitor while working on the swing model and not just going after it with the Classic Golf Swing model doing speed work.

I exceeded my speed work number with a model still being worked out?

That says everything you need to know about how fast I’ll be swinging and how long I’ll be driving the ball with the Post-Modern model when I’m done – faster and longer than with the Classic Golf Swing model!

More to come.