I Have A Hunch & If Correct, All Of My Posts Will Go Away

Not every post, because those analyzing or discussing other golfers’ swings have nothing wrong with them in light of my personal journey and discoveries the past few weeks and days.

But those posts about my personal swing model quest – if I’m correct about my hunch, they are all obsolete and will go away.

Before I begin, comments are once again enabled as I now have more time to spend on the blog and maintaining it.

Here’s the hunch – yesterday, while working on the MCS Post-Modern Golf Swing model, I did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I decided to rely on my own athletic instincts rather than observing and imitating other swings, even with Dunaway’s swing.

It was only at that moment that things began to move for me at the launch facility, and when I got home, I made some more setup changes, thought about them, and then today I realized something.

That realization was that, having removed (hopefully) every flaw in my setup, the minute that I began to rely on athletic instinct, the more I knew where I should be at address, at the top, and at impact on the down swing.

That’s because I think my instincts on how one swings have always been correct, based upon years of athletic pursuits in various sports, and it was my own unusual combination of physical characteristics that kept getting in the way of devising one model or another in optimal form.

Those characteristics, I’ve discussed ad nauseam – being cross-dominant and having a spinal deformity that leaves my shoulders open in a neutral stance but their feeling square.

Today, I figured out how setting up for a left-dominant or right-dominant swing action creates a requirement for differences in the basic MCS setup, and when I switched mentally over to right-dominant to figure out the exact precise setup, top and impact position, I’m pretty sure that was it.

In fact, looking at even some of the greatest swingers ever, I see how most golfers and I mean the overwhelming majority of taught swingers have cross-dominant flaws in their setups, so I don’t feel bad having fallen into that trap.

Take Tiger Woods – even from the start of his career, this setup is problematic for a right-dominant swinger:

Ignore the red arrows and vertical yellow line, as they’re from a different posting talking about his stance width and ball position, but after the past couple of days’ work, I instantly can see another big issue for a right-dominant swinger, which you see as soon as TW begins his pivot:

If your head moves on the back swing pivot, then you have a setup issue, because we all know here on this blog that an athletic motion with a moving head when precision is called for is a big problem – and golf requires the most precision because of the nature of the game.

Just as well, a moving head on the down swing transition is also problematic for the same reason, and both issues are of setup.

Taking a look at Jack Nicklaus from the top:

There is absolutely no head motion laterally on the back pivot and a very slight, just a tiny move forward in the transition – and you wonder why Jack Nicklaus was both among the most powerful and most precise swingers in his day, and would be in any generation in which he played.

Had he had no forward motion, however small, in his transition, JN would have been a Classic Golf Swing version of the Iron Byron.

Ask yourself what makes the Iron Byron so precise, and aside from the obvious answer that it’s a machine, the answer is that it does not move laterally during the swing, so it never misses, provided whomever sets it up has the ball in the proper position to the Iron Byron.

The only question that has to be asked and answered is, “Can one adopt a setup in the golf swing where there is no lateral head motion on the back pivot nor on the down swing into impact?”

If the answer is “yes,” then we know what the optimal setup would entail – that which would enable a swing back and down into the impact with no lateral head motion.

Failing that, as little as possible as you see with Nicklaus.

I have been unwavering in my belief that the answer is indeed “yes,” and was very distressed when I had to reconsider this premise a couple of winters back as I couldn’t figure out how to setup in that regard.

I could pivot back with a stable head position, no problem – it’s the down swing head motion that was the issue:

There’s a forward lateral shift then the head drops down and back in what I used to call the “Trebuchet Drop,” but that’s an athletic swing adjustment in mid-down swing, relying on hand-eye coordination, and my issues of course were the left-dominance and slightly open shoulders.

So, if I had been in an optimal setup above, there wouldn’t have been the head motion on the down swing.

Whether swinging left-dominant or right, there is a setup that will allow a stable head position through the entire swing motion from setup to impact.

That’s my premise.

We may have the answer definitively to the question, soon.

Then all of those banging-my-head-against-a-wall posts on swing work will go away.

And that would be a great thing, because it would mean the end.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “I Have A Hunch & If Correct, All Of My Posts Will Go Away

  1. David

    Long time no talk DJ!! Interesting stuff. Since my shoulder replacement 5 years ago, my head moves laterally back then forward a least a foot. With the lack of strength with all the cutting of the right shoulder, evidently, I felt the need to get a head start into the back swing … instead of an upswing. You would be embarrassed by my distance loss. I had a thought last night about a fellow Canadian, Moe Normal and how he started his backswing by presetting the club a foot behind the ball. In the mirror, it seemed to help the impulse to jerk it to the inside and low which caused my body to move off the ball.

    Funny how your new revelation happens at the same time as mine. I hope we are both onto something. Hope Renia is well. DK

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Hi David, long time no talk indeed – things are great, hope all’s well with you & Nancy and the pooch.

      Might I suggest you give the Kettle Bell exercise a go if you haven’t recently? I bet it would help both with strengthening the arms & shoulders and perhaps get you into a better pre-swing setup as you focus on the stable head and leveraging down from the top with your weight shift.

      See how it goes!


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