I Made This GIF Six Years Ago – The Visual Hasn’t Changed

This was something I did while talking to the camera during my “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video, released in early 2015, as some of you old-timers on the site will remember.

Over the intervening years, I made adjustments and changes to the model setup and slightly in the mechanics area, but the visual is still the same.

In fact, the reason I thought about this below GIF is because, while working on (of course) the setup for my enhanced MCS swing model currently in the works, I did exactly this action while focusing on the right arm and hand action:

… and it brought the GIF immediately to mind. 

Odd timing, because it will be exactly 6 years on the 25th of this month that I created it from the video released nearly two years earlier.

I myself can hardly believe it’s been 8 years since I shot that video in Southern California, but then the last three years were a near standstill for me with the Covid-19 emerging in early 2020.

The maddening thing is having been so close all of these years to what would be the exact model upon which I’m currently at work, but then that’s the nature of the business.

Some people work on the golf swing their entire lives and while they create a pretty good swing action, they never get to the optimal version.

Then you get Tiger Woods, who while his constant swing changes helped him play better golf (if we’re to believe that it was the changes), came up with increasingly worse swing models from a mechanical-soundness point of view, until he wrecked his back.

I got a little closer to what I want this past week, and I’ll be going back next week for another shot at it.

Still, I can’t help thinking I’m closing in on the setup that will give me the action I’m seeking, because if I reminded myself of that GIF while working on the setup and pantomiming a right-armed swing only, then the visual and the practice are within sniffing distance of each other.

It will be a triumph for me, 18 years in the making, should I get there.

And I have every intention of doing so.

More to come.