This Hybrid Model Has Snead’s Pivot Action

It is a little different from the way I built the original MCS Classic Golf Swing pivot on Ben Hogan’s action.

Hogan’s was such a good action, it was the perfect pivot, if you will, for swinging in the manner that my modeling has prescribed.

For a pivot action where one performs the lifting-heel pivot with a stable head position however, I have found that it requires more of a Sam Snead pivot action.

To wit:

Now, there is a bit of a glitch in the down swing coming through impact, but that is because Snead’s kept his trailing foot anchored through to the finish instead of releasing it (I’m sensing a trend here with swings flaws of the better players in the world, past and present).

If Snead had shifted his weight completely into the leading foot through the bottom and performed that delayed step-around finish, he’d have looked a good deal like Dunaway.

Even with that little issue of the anchored trailing foot, he came through impact with a pretty low trailing heel.  If you watch this swing below:

… you’ll observe that very low heel through the swing bottom, and to be honest, until I had glanced at the black and white gif. above a day or two ago, where his pivot action instantly gave me the feel of what I’ve been doing the past couple of months, I hadn’t even thought of Snead a swinging anything like Dunaway.

The swing bottom and through to the finish however are very close to Dunaway.

Of course, he didn’t resemble Dunaway in his back swing pivot.  He pivoted the way I’ve worked out one must swing with a lifting leading heel and stable head position in order to swing down in the manner I deem optimal:

I don’t know many swingers as long as Snead was (he was certainly as long as or longer than Jack Nicklaus, and he never incurred any swinging injuries in his career, so pure was his action), who could swing that hard and fast with a beautifully stable head both on the back pivot as well as down into the swing bottom.

There’s nothing I need to study about Snead’s swing the way I broke down Nicklaus’ and Hogan’s years ago – and this is the funny thing here…

I used to look at this same gif. above and I loved Snead’s pivot action – I knew it was a Classic Golf Swing pivot, but try as I might, I could never figure it exactly out.

Then, after spending two months since my last Tracer Golf session figuring out exactly the setup and pivot and down swing action to produce a pivot that gives one a stable head, unimpeded leverage and a down swing through the bottom with both feet flat on the ground and a delayed step-around…

I figured out Snead’s back swing pivot action.

It was a matter of just reviewing my blog as I do periodically to see what people are reading while I am on a bit of a hiatus from regular posting, and the second I saw that gif. above of Snead that someone had clicked upon, I literally said, “Bam! That’s the pivot action for my new model!”

Sometimes, it’s far easier to spot something after you’ve figured it out than to actually figure it out from watching the motion.

After all, I’d studied that pivot and tried many times to see exactly how Snead was doing it, but it eluded me, likely because I wasn’t in the exact same setup that he had when he got over the ball.

The minute I build a setup more like his and figured out the pivot action to get me to the top for the down swing action I wanted, it jumped right out of the monitor at me watching Snead swing.

Just as when I mentioned a while back that, when you figure out that the swing is more vertical than diagonal, Jack Nicklaus‘ vertical back swing lift just jumps out at you.

I love it when things come full circle.

The work continues.