This Would Be The Greatest Swing Model

I hypothesized a few years ago about my vision of the Classic Golf Swing having the regular pivot action on the back swing, but with a Mike Dunaway-esqe leverage and impact position, which never came to fruition.

After several attempts at it, and a whole summer spent on it, I nearly gave up on it – actually, I did give up on it until this morning when, while going back and forth between the Classic and the Post-Modern, I began to make some very fast Classic pivot swings and then noticed something.

I had gone from making a Greg Norman foot-slide through the bottom to, when I really began to put some leverage on it, a flat-footed bottom.

But the key was that, while swinging Classic, I had been failing to get a click on my swing aid, until I changed the angle of my back swing and also made it tighter – at which point I began to really hammer the swing bottom, clicking the aid with ease.

You may be thinking, “OK, DJ – you’ve said there are two separate models, Classic & Post-Modern which require different pivot actions and setups – so again, what makes you think you can combine the two?”

My answer would be, Because, I am in search of something, whether it already exists and I have to find and identify it, or create it myself… and that is the optimal golf swing. One that provides maximum power with maximum accuracy, repeatability and consistency.  Not just the optimal version of a particular swing model.”

It could be very be that the standard Classic Golf Swing with the trailing foot release is that only way to properly perform the swing, and that the Post-Modern provides more leverage and power, albeit with a loss of the other factors due to the nature of a pivot with a shifting head.

To me, the optimal golf swing would have all of the power of something like the Post-Modern or the “Dunaway,” but with the singular advantage of swinging with a stable head position:

So I’m left with the declaration that the Classic Golf Swing performed with a sliding or releasing trailing foot through the swing bottom is best performed with Greg Norman’s particular type of slide action, however…

… If there is any possible way to pivot Classically with a leveraged down swing that features both feet firmly on the ground through the swing bottom, with a delayed release or step-around, that would be the end all and be all.

You can’t get more accuracy swinging than with a stable head position, all else being equal, and you can’t generate more leverage than with a double-footed impact using both feet to power the down swing.

Put them together, it’s game over and back to one model that is the one to use.  For any purpose, whether playing tournament golf or competing in long drive.

If it can be done, I’m on it.  And I’ve just done it in theory here with my swing research. 

Next is the lab.

More to come.