Speed Work – 190 MPH Ball Speed 128 MPH Club

That’s according to the launch monitor at TracerGolf, where I registered a drive with 128 mph club speed and 190 mph ball speed yesterday.

I didn’t bother with video or still pics because I was focused on the work at hand and wasn’t about to start messing around with the camera.

Those of you who know me however know that I report what I report and I don’t ever lie about numbers.

I mean, I got 127 & 185 last week on the first go and struggling with swinging indoors again for the first time in 4 years:

… so it’s hardly a stretch, is it?  Just a better SMASH of 1.48 instead of the 1.45 last week, and there’s the extra 5 mph in ball speed.

If I hit 190 again (or a club speed higher than say 129 mph), I’ll make sure to get the goods.

That was a one-off high mark anyway – I was in the low 120s and high 170s-low 180s with my better swings – dispersion and distances were all over the place which didn’t bother me because it was speed work.

Not bad for 52 years young.

I had a little injury scare this morning, when I got out of bed and felt soreness in my left hip joint area – when I got into the stance to make a pivot action, it was really sore.

“Don’t tell me you’ve done your hip with the speed work,” I muttered to myself, but it seems it was just post-workout soreness.

By the time I’d taken care of some business and went to make some slow swings with the swing aid, there was just a little remaining soreness and it’s completely gone now.

Likely just the body reacting to my swinging harder than usual, because I was going after it.

I might add that I began looking at the Post-Modern swing as well (call it “The Dunaway” if you wish), and I’ll report anything of interest in that area – I did some more work on that pivot and the right arm action when I got home, more today, and will likely get at it again in the next couple of days.

Let’s just say that, if I’m getting it right (and I should know soon), there is no rotary action at all in this type of swing.  A completely different animal from the traditional Classic swing action.

Apologies for the brevity and scarcity of posts at present – I’m focusing on the work at hand and really don’t have anything I think is of interest with regards to blogging, but I thought the 128-190 number might be something some might like to know.

More to come.

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    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Fossil, indeed, Peter – ten years ago this month, I was preparing to produce and release MCS 3.0, the eBook & video. Time flies!

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