I’ve Done It – Closing In On Optimal (Driver Swings)

Not perfectly executed (a little too wide a stance for perfect), but here is what I expect to see from myself swinging according to the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

I have never been happier looking at my own swing, and to be honest, these swings are definitely good enough to feature as the swing for an MCS video, finally.

Another great aspect is that the conditions for video were perfect – cloudless sky, bright natural light, and clothes that didn’t fade into the background.

I’ve actually got swings from four angles: face on, down the line, front diagonal and from behind, so bear with me while I edit the video clips, please.

For now, I’ve just had the time to create two Gif.s from the standard angles, and I’ll be at the editing later tomorrow, but my work for the day is done!


There are those among you out there who will remember that I’ve had pretty wide stances in my day, with a very pronounced “short-stop slide” foot release, which is perfectly mechanically-sound, but above, there is barely any, and the difference is how much I narrow my stance to get it optimal.

When I nail the optimal stance width, I’ll be there, because right now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these swings aside from they could be improved marginally in the setup.

Down The Line

Everything else is there: proper “Leaning A” balance, grip, posture, ball position, alignment – the whole ball of wax.

It took 14 sessions to get where I wanted to be from last winter, after I’ve solved each of my swing issues one by one, and it seems like it took forever, but when you stretch 14 sessions out over 4 months, it feels like an eternity since Day 1.

So, what you see above is not the only way to swing, as there are infinite ways to swing a golf club, from horrifically wrong to perfect, if it exists – but it is the proper way to swing based on how the body is built and moves.

For maximizing power, accuracy and consistency, with the least amount of risk of injury, this is how you do it, friends.

Unless you think it’s a fluke that an overweight and very out of shape 52 year old guy who only swings once or twice a week at present just happens to blow balls past the end of the range when most of the swingers on the range are struggling to find the back flags at which I hit 4 and 5 irons.

It ain’t the guy, let me assure you – it’s the swing model.

So, if my luck holds and I get another day like today to hit some wedges and irons before they close off the grass decks and go to the mats for the rest of the season (usually sometime in the second week of October), I’ll have really good stuff for a video.

If I’m not fortunate, I’m sure I’ll be able to get passable swing clips from the TracerGolf facility around the corner, but I’d much prefer my luck holds and I get some grass deck iron clips to go with the Driver.

More to come!




6 thoughts on “I’ve Done It – Closing In On Optimal (Driver Swings)

  1. Rick

    Congrats! Not only have I been hoping that you would reach optimum, but now I can continue working towards that same goal using your posts as my guide. My swing has been improving but I am afraid that this season will be over before I get there. And then next season – ???. It is like I take 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Cheers, Rick – you can do it, but don’t get caught up in the time factor! I know it’s the last thing you likely want to hear from me on it, but patience and diligence are the keys, and forgetting about “getting it now.” I thought I’d have this done in the first couple of weeks or month of this season and I’m just now getting to where I wanted to be – and yup, the season is nearly over.

      I’ll likely pick up the frequency of my posting now, so hopefully I can help you get over the line before winter. If not, and you have a place to swing indoors (indoor range or sim facility), you can aim for the start of next season.

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. dh

    How boring!

    Mr. DJ-Albert Pujols of golf ….

    hitting that same boring, towering, soaring, penetrating shot after shot …
    nearly every time with that perfect AofA + LA trajectory (pun@700) …
    on its way over BigMacLand & out of Busch III.

    jeesh – sure hope I get my $$ worth in the final Lesson pkg ! ;);)

    (go Cardinals & go DJ! … can’t wait 🙂 🙂

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Funny you commented this, dh – got an email last night from a local WAX reader:

      Hi DJ, I happened to be at Salem Ridge today while you were working on your swing at the end of the range. It was awesome to see a ball hit that far that consistently!

      I don’t know the gentleman, as we’ve corresponded during Covid lockdown but not yet met. Good thing I don’t claim things I can’t prove, you never know who may be watching!! 😂

      1. dh

        yaah – the great baseball legend Albert Pujols –
        becoming only the 4th all time to ever hit 700+ MLB Home Runs –
        no way he could have done that without a Mechanically Correct Swing, eh?
        … otherwise, he’d have topped out @ say 300 HRs w/ a number of other
        “great sluggers” – similar to some of the golfers you’ve referred to
        who have hit 300 yds + for a short time …. until the body came calling |

        1. DJ Watts Post author

          This is the whole point I keep stressing, dh – Tiger Woods could have been the greatest major champion of all time, but his violent and unwholesome swing models did him in before he had the chance. First left knee surgery in college, the clock was already ticking.

          It doesn’t matter how far or straight you can hit the ball, because practice and tenacity will pay dividends – however, do it with an unsound swing and you won’t be doing it for very long. It’s just how the world works.

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