No, It’s B+ For Setup & F For Execution (Further Analysis)

Friday was very instructive, as it finally gave me the insight on how I was failing on the setup for my swing model in Friday’s session.

That said, as I mentioned that I had made an adjustment on the leading wrist which I didn’t get on video for either irons or Driver, I don’t know for sure if I had actually nailed it at the end, because I have nothing at which to look.

I’ve just the memory of the difference in feel at impact and of course the ball flight.

However, having taken yesterday and today to go over things, I know exactly why that wrist set adjustment worked so well, and how close now I am to what I’ve been after, lo these many years.

This is pretty close to optimal, in fact it may actually be, because here I’ve got my leading wrist set in the same way as at the day’s end, but I was still getting set for this swing and wasn’t in this position when I began the pivot:

… But I’m going to go on a hunch that, even if I’d gotten video of the swings I took at the end of the session, I’d still not be quite there because of the pivot action, which was better than the previous time out but not exactly what it would be if I did it today.

Let’s just say that the pivot action was far too segmented and mechanical, rather than a flowing, athletic motion, and likely would have been the same with the adjusted wrist set, perhaps a little better.

It was only when I got home and began to break everything down that I again ended up like this:

“Of COURSE – Absolute Zero!”

It is always so simple and clear once you realize something, which is maddening because you then begin to berate yourself for not having grasped such an easy and simple motion as the golf swing…

… Which is madness, because the only reason it seems easy and simple is because of the work that has been put into figuring it out, essentially building that wall one row of bricks upon the other.

When you’re looking at the finished wall, it seems so easy to have built, but you’re overlooking the back-breaking work that made it so.

So, I once again absolutely hate the swings I’ve just put up that are literally only two days old, which means I’m again getting ready for the next session with eager anticipation.

It’s beginning to feel like watching an object approaching the Event Horizon of a Black Hole – the closer it gets, the slower it appears to be moving, and when it finally crosses that barrier, the motion seemingly stops.

However, I’ve got more time to spare than this will take to finish, so it’s a matter of just doing the work and testing things at the lab instead of worrying about results and blogging about them.

Focused on the work at hand, and with apologies to those who have asked for more content or more frequent posting – I’m not really in the mood to write anything about the golf swing at present, other than updates on the work in progress, until I can finally say those words…

“I’ve got it!”

More to come.