Swings Video From Yesterday – Very Close

Having gone over my swings from yesterday, I have looked over the setup which was exactly what I wanted to see, but for the left wrist set at address that I performed after the video shooting was finished.

As I said, the results were even better with both irons and Driver when I made that change idly while hitting my last balls with irons – and that’s the nature of discovery, in that rather than profound genius, one can make it with a casual, “what if I do this with my leading wrist on my irons, as it feels a little better in the setup?”

And surely enough, POW – there is the leading wrist position you want in the setup, at least with this model.

As per my comment about stiffer shafts for the Driver, uh, yes:

At any rate, the shaft issue shouldn’t be a huge problem unless I decide to enter a long drive competition or play golf for score – for either of those, that shaft would be far too whippy to deliver consistent results.

But for swing research, it actually works great – at the speeds I’m getting into impact, only perfect contact delivers a straight ball, and anything less delivers a right or left ball flight – with a stiffer shaft, you wouldn’t know the difference between perfect and slightly off impact.

That’s also why I call the modern pros virtual cheaters – the best players in the world, playing with equipment designed for hackers, I mean, come on. But I don’t blame them for it.

Sadly, if one does it, they all have to, because you can’t afford to give any advantage away when playing for that kind of money, but the regulators of the game have fallen on their faces since the real technology race began with metal woods and ball design.

But I digress – here are a couple of swings each from the usual angles:

Face On

I’m only posting these videos because of course, these swings will be obsolete the minute I get back into the lab next week.

I’m getting to the point where I’m going to want to discuss the golf swing again, not from the point of view of a dispassionate analyst but from the point of view of the person doing the swinging.

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