Today – MCS Went Beast Mode

So, I made the setup adjustments that I felt were required to get across the finish line, and I may actually have had it, but by the time I got there, I’d already packed away the video equipment.

I put some more “drop” into my “Drop & Pop” as well, because when I pulled some shots left, I figured that I was swinging too circularly and not dropping on that transition.

Once I did that, I was absolutely smoking drives, even though it was only around 12C (53F) and there was a northerly slice wind howling – to put it bluntly, I was freezing my keister off most of the session after I removed my hoodie for the shoot.

Unfortunately, it seems that it was so windy that my iPhone couldn’t properly focus, so much of the video is blurred – it would have been tragic had I absolutely nailed the model.

It was going very well, in alternating cross and into the wind conditions, so well that I had said, “this is pretty good, I’ll take the video home and check things out,” but I still had a couple of dozen balls remaining so I grabbed some irons.

I’ve said that the irons are much easier to hit than the Driver, which is why I do my work with the Driver, and today, I did something different with my left wrist position in the setup with the irons after I’d hit a few 8 and 5 irons, and the result was fabulous.

I had just hit a 5 iron a pretty good distance at the 240 yard flag, but with the wrist set differently, I literally felt the ball mash like a marshmallow at impact, and that flight of that ball…

It was then that I realized I hadn’t been doing this same thing with the left wrist with my Driver, so I got the Driver back out and hit a couple of final drives with the adjusted wrist set at address – absolutely bombed, straight down the pipe!

So, I may have had it, but it was after my filming, so I’ll have to get back out and see how things look with that particular adjustment.

I’ve got different angles of the swing from today, albeit the not-adjusted left wrist set from the end of the session, but here are some swings.

Down the line, the setup was letting me fire lasers when I nailed it – for reference, if you can’t see my aiming target, the flag I was hitting over is in the forefront of that tall evergreen tree on the same line my ball is travelling.

Down The Line

As you can see from the flexing of the shaft when I reach the end of the swing, there is absolutely nothing braking the speed of this swing and the leverage felt monstrous – I may have to get much stiffer shafts as well, from what I could see it doing at impact.


Today was the first time I was actually able to just swing down and through without any type of mechanical thought other than “drop” at the end of the back swing pivot – other than that, my setup and pivot just took care of everything.

Face On

That face-on angle above, just watch how the club head never really gets moving until around the point where the club reaches parallel at waist-height, then how it absolutely flashes into and through bottom – that’s natural leverage created by the simple weight transfer into the leading foot and the drop of the right shoulder.


What I loved most of all, well apart from the fact that I have found my setup at last (not perfect yet but definitely in the ballpark), is the flowing nature of the down swing from the top to the tall, balanced finish, no matter how hard I was lashing that ball:

Gettin’ After It – Balanced

There are likely even better swings in the can, but I only had time to look at a couple from each angle and then create the Gifs for this post – I’ll be looking more closely at everything over the weekend and likely be back out next week.

It’s nearly there, and I’m here for it.

More to come!