Better Pivot, Nearly Identical Setup = Getting Closer

I got back out and had a pretty interesting day at the lab today, with a better pivot action and what felt like more leverage as a result, but I didn’t spend any time fiddling with the launch monitor.

Seeing that I’ll be hitting balls all autumn and through the winter at the new golf sim that has opened up near my residence, I figure I’ll dispense with the SC300i as I’ll likely get better data with the TracerGolf’s high-speed camera system.

It took me nearly an hour to get things going, because you have no idea the stubbornness and determination it takes some times to make major changes from one swinging day to the next and stay with it until the body and senses stop screaming “different!” and begin to settle down.

Today, it was getting the improved pivot action going with a slightly stronger grip than the last time out, and a little different ball position.

It was slightly different today over any other day, as I finally began to feel what I think one feels like swinging in the manner of a human version of the Iron Byron – that is, I got over the ball and simply swung back and up, then down and through, with absolutely no attempt to manipulate the club head or path.

When you do this, you’re going to get wild results until you make the adjustments to straighten out the ball flight, but those adjustments are simply to the setup.

Then it’s a matter of keeping track of the adjustments – “mental note, more weight to the right side,” as you go along and by the end of the session, you’re more or less swinging freely and with any conscious thoughts, just stepping into it.

In addition to Driver, I got some 8 iron and 5 iron swings to see how everything looks and it seems the optimal setup and swing action are finally coming into sight.

I’ll have video later, but here are two Driver swings from the usual angle:

Face On

Down the line, you can see in the improved pivot action how that trailing leg really straightens on the back pivot and stays more or less so until just before the transition from the top:

Down The Line – Better Pivot

I was pleased with how the irons were swinging and I’ll have more on them, as well as more thoughts on the swing mechanics themselves, after I’ve had a pause to think about things overnight.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Better Pivot, Nearly Identical Setup = Getting Closer

  1. dh

    one more time – It’s a thing of Beauty!
    Again – it’s very cool seeing the balanced steadiness of the whole body –
    particularly the head in all planes –
    face on in relation to those powerline towers (2 thumbsup)

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Much obliged, dh – still feels a little rough to me but of course, it would because every time out, it’s a slightly different swing.

      When I get it exactly where I want it, we should see the same stability of the head with a little smoother action… and more speed and power!

      I imagine I’ll get it sooner or later, as I’m getting closer each session. Those awaiting a video don’t have to wait until I’m finished however, because this is my personal journey within the model and I’ve already got the model more of less mapped out for the video.

      I’m just waiting a little longer before I make it, as I want my own swing to be a good as possible if it will be the featured swing in a video.

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