Driver Gif.s – Yesterday Was The Transition Phase

I don’t know if anyone thinks these swings look different from my usual action or not, but there is a whole world of difference in the mechanics of what I was doing yesterday versus before.

I’ll be taking a couple of days to go over what I was doing versus what I should be doing (still too much “pull & turn” which was how I used to swing when left-dominant), but knowing the difference is the key.

I actually made much better swings with the irons but as I mentioned, the wind had picked up so strongly that I couldn’t keep the camera tripod stable, so I hit the remainder of my balls with irons and without recording them.

Driver Setup & Impact

I’m pretty certain that the extra bend in the leading arm at impact was a compensation because of the failure to transition all the way to the new action with the Driver.

It was during my irons swings at the end of the session that a light went off and I fairly exclaimed to myself, “Oh! This is how you do it…” 

At any rate, here are the face-on and down the line swings I recorded with the Driver, which I’ll call halfway between what I used to do and what I need to be doing:

The setup is on point however, and the action will come.  And now that I have that setup, the “Drop & Pop” sequencing will be even better than anything I’ve done to date.

That little trailing foot release that has evolved all the way from a sliding release, and the slightly bent leading arm at impact are the visual markers of what I mentioned as having a holdover of the “pull & turn” action I had, and I’ll be drilling the proper sequence to eliminate that.

This stuff is far beyond what used to be the standard MCS Classic Golf Swing action, so much so that I don’t know if it’s even the same animal anymore.

If performed correctly, I believe that it makes the club face so stable during the swing that you don’t require any squaring into impact – according to what I’m seeing when I practice the proper sequence, the club face is square during the entire swing.

What I do know is that I wasn’t going to get this action until I changed the grip, because it’s a crucial part of the entire formula.

So, a few days of grooving that proper sequence and I’ll be back out there.

More to come!

4 thoughts on “Driver Gif.s – Yesterday Was The Transition Phase

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Thank you and you’re most welcome Pete!

      Sometimes I wonder if all of this technical stuff is interesting at all to anyone but it’s all I’m going to talk about right now 😂

  1. Pete Covell

    Yes, it is fascinating to me. I imagine there are others as well. Perhaps they are waiting, like me, with baited breath for the research to stabilize to the point that a new instructional video emerges. I’m so glad you are sharing as you progress. Your process follows the Scientific Method as I see it. You make an Observation, either in your own swing or with one of the “Classics” (Nicklaus, Dunaway, etc). You Hypothesize an improvement. Then you Test it to see if it works as desired. Diligent use of the Method gives the best results, though it can take time, which is fine with me.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      I appreciate your encouragement Pete.

      The process is what it is because I have no formal kinesiology education – not that it would have helped it seems, with all of the kinesiology grads in the golf industry pushing and teaching the modern x-factor type of swinging.

      This makes their degrees useless in my eyes, with apologies to anyone reading this who fits, as the first thing kinesiology should ask of any athletic motion is, “is this mechanically sound or correct?”

      The X-Factor Modern Swing is most certainly NOT, so it is what it is.

      In this regard, I bring to the table a history of widely varied sport’s participation and a curious mind – but as you say, this type of research takes time as one investigates many avenues that are dead ends but had to be explored to be thorough.

      I appreciate the patience and I certainly intend on at least one video this year, because although this began as a personal and solitary pursuit, others have indicated they have gained benefit from my work.

      So, on it goes and hopefully not too much more as I believe I had everything right this week but the pivot action with the hips and legs. Had I nailed that, I am sure I’d have nailed the action I’m seeking.

      Hang in there with me is all I ask! 😊

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