Look At This Grip! (And Setup Much Improved)

I didn’t hit a ball for three weeks, working instead on something that was bothering me about the setup and grip.

I was to have gone back to the range after a week following the last session but weather and life intervened, but I made it back out today, and what a change!

I was right about not liking how my setup looked the last session both down the line and face-on, because I loved what I saw today:

Setup & Grip Face-On

Compare to last session, night & day:

Setup & Grip Aug 24 – Sept 14

I thought my grip was weak before, and it was weaker than usual, but today’s grip is… looking more like a certain fellow’s from some time ago, if you’ll recall our looking at it over the summer:

Jack Nicklaus Adjusted Setup vs DJ Aug 14

So, I had said a few weeks back that the weak grip investigation was a red herring, but it wasn’t – I just hadn’t figured out the change in sequencing of the swing action and how to apply it with the right arm, but something made me go back and revisit it.

I therefore took the weeks long layoff to just work on that change and try to get used to the feel so I could take it to the range.

It was OK wind-wise when I got there and warmed up, but the breeze picked up as I was shooting video with Driver and by the time I was ready to shoot some irons, there was just too much wind to keep the camera steady, so all I got were driver swings.

Still, today was the day I actually felt a proper right-arm dominant swing action, although I thought I’d done so before – no, today was something I’ve never done before swinging a club, and it felt awesome.

Here is my setup down the line compared to the last time out:

Absolutely stunning, that difference – nearly vertical arm position and much closer to the ball, which increases the natural leverage without increasing effort.

There are some niggling things of course to go over here as I was swinging with this grip for the first time, and it felt very, very strange until I figured out the sequencing.

So, I will have some swings to show, and they’re not bad, but I think there is vast room to improve what I was doing today – and when I work more on the sequencing of the down swing (there’s also a slight pivot issue to tackle, just a remnant of my hand action going back that is unnecessary with this setup and grip), and then I actually could be there – optimal.

Right now, I’m well within the guidelines of the MCS Classic Swing model, so this is kind of what you want to see using it.

I am on fire with the new sequencing action that will improve this swing, and I could be there before the end of the month when I have to begin work on the upcoming video.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Look At This Grip! (And Setup Much Improved)

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      It’s really close, Joe – today was a real bear, hitting balls with that grip in the beginning. It took some figuring on the fly to finally start doing it correctly, this lefty-dom guy. But I got it and, before I left, I was really mashing some irons with the new action. Exciting times for DJ! 🙂

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