This Driver Swing Was Pretty Good…

There are some nice things I see in one particular face-on driver swing I shot on Tuesday, with regards to setup and pivot action.

Of course, because I got so many things right, it was a blast, and I would have thought it was close to perfect from the face-on angle of it.

The setup looked like this:

… and if I had nailed the down-the-line aspect, say if my arms were a little more vertical than they were:

… I’d have actually done it, the optimal setup & swing action for the MCS Classic Golf Swing model!

You can see that clear “stepping into it” action that initiates the down swing following the pivot to the top and a virtually zero-lateral motion coming down:

As stated earlier, I now consider myself within the principles of the model and now just have to tighten everything to get to optimal, but this is what an MCS model driver should look like, more or less, with regards to setup and motion.

A couple of swings, one from each aspect:

The initial sequence, I love the extension with the head remaining stable – that’s building some leverage there:

Impact nearly perfect, just a tad low on the club face (which is due to the adjustments I made the last two weeks – I used to barely skim the ground with the club head, now it’s a little higher at impact, so I’ll adjust my ball tee height), and of course the desired back-leaning shaft:

So, once I make this setup change to get a little more vertical in the down swing rather than extending to the ball, I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything to improve my execution with regards to the model.

It’s been a big week, because I now feel my swing is up to where I can use it to demonstrate a proper MCS Classic Golf Swing with no big and glaring flaws like cross-dominance, problematic grip, etc.

By the time I shoot the video, I’m aiming for having reached optimal, but if I could get from where I was last year to Tuesday in 9 sessions, then I should be in full form by next month.

More to come!

4 thoughts on “This Driver Swing Was Pretty Good…

  1. Pete Covell

    Looks great. On the down-the-line I noticed you set the ball slightly out toward the toe of the club. I do that too; arrived at by trial and error. Is that how you determined the position, or is there a more scientific explanation?

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Thank you, Pete – I’ve done it before on my own just as you have come to do it, then I stopped for whatever reason. In the early years of MCS research, that was standard for me and it’s not so much that I decided to go back to it as much as it became apparent in my setup research. So, definitely a method and not whim.

      Either way, if you’re doing that, you’re in good shape on the setup! πŸ™‚


    “It’s a beautiful thing!” (spoken in the beautiful sing-song way of Moe Norman)

    **Look at DJ’s head in relation to the power tower in the bkgrd — freakin’ awesome!

    (by the way – – can anyone PLEASE point me to who says the opening quote?
    I’ve been trying to hunt it down now for several years –
    I thought it would be Martin Short (Canadian, etc) as it’s in his style,
    but I can’t locate it anywhere –
    and maybe it was ONLY Moe that I ever heard say it –
    but I swear someone else adopted it in some movie – thx for the indulgence πŸ™‚

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Good to see you, DH! Thank you for the kind words – sorry to say that I can’t answer your query on the origin of said quote, if it wasn’t Moe himself. Quite the character, he was!

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