It’s Been A While – Irons Face-On & DTL (9i,7i &5i)

The reason you have seen mostly driver swing videos on the blog for some time is because of my work finishing the modeling and my own swing action regarding the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

The driver is (for most) the most difficult club to control, so for me, while working on either the model or my own swing, I know where I am by how I’m hitting the driver.

I usually hit 9 iron to 5 or 4 iron when warming up, then I go for the driver, but I didn’t see the point in putting up iron and wedge video clips when I was focused on the work at hand.

The driver vids of course were to show my progress or lack thereof in the work, but now that I’m more or less satisfied with the swing action, I shot swings with 9, 7 and 5 irons on Tuesday.

First, I mentioned the over 250-yard 5 iron that I hit while shooting videos (it ran off the back of the target green whose flag was 244 yards, so a minimum of 250 yards), and here is that disappointingly blurred clip of the incident:

DJ Hits 5 Iron Over 250 Yards

It’s really, really fun to hit a 5 iron that far and dead on target (probably ran past the flag about 2-3 yards left), let me tell you.

Now, the main presentation – what does or should the MCS Classic Golf Swing look with irons and wedges?

Here is some non-blurry video:

I didn’t have my launch monitor on at the time and I was hitting all of my irons on the same line (at the blue flag target green) for consistency of viewing, so I have no hard numbers for the stock 9 iron.

By sight, I would figure between 160-170 yards, but I’ll be able to get hard numbers now that I’m finished model work and can focus on honing my swing and getting the shot data.

9 Iron – Face-On & Down The Line

Again, no hard numbers for the 7 iron but I’d guesstimate between 180-190 yards, perhaps a touch longer, based on how close to the 244 yard target green I was putting the ball.

Firm data to come.

7 Iron – Face-On & Down The Line

I did take out the launch monitor when I had finished shooting video and had a few balls left, just to see how far the stock 5 iron was going after that encounter with the 244 yard green.

As I’ve mentioned, the SC300i launch monitor seems to be roughly 10% off actual distances, and I was getting 205-210 yard readings with the 5 which would put me around 225-235 yards where I was landing the 5 irons short of the blue flag target green.

5 Iron – Face-On & Down The Line

Note: The sharper-eyed among you may notice that the down the line 5 iron impact was slightly, just slightly off.

Referring back to the setup stills, you will notice that my ball position with the 5 iron is slightly inside of where I have it for the 7 and 9 irons, and that’s how far off the impact was – a fraction of an inch inside the sweet spot (a smidgen to the heel).

It was so little a difference that I only noticed it on examining the slo-mo, because the ball flew roughly as straight and far as the other 5 irons I hit.

So, that’s how precise you can be with your setup measurement.  Your shot will be as good as you make it, and I just got a little careless with the setup measurement on that 5 iron.

This goes to show what I’ve been saying about perfection and models – you can be as good or as bad as the model you use, and if it’s a good model, you can get very close to machine-like consistency simply by using the model and paying close attention to the requirements of setup and swing action.

More, much more to come!