The Model Research For Classic – Finished. A Couple Of Adjustments For Me, Personally

As I said when I got back from my session on Tuesday, my swings weren’t perfect technically but I knew that everything I’d had to investigate concerning the theory of the MCS Classic Golf Swing model has been looked into.

From here, I have identified two adjustments for me to make (in the setup, the left arm is still too visible, which is a right arm and grip situation that I’ve looked into and shall change, and in the back swing pivot, a lower angle of leading arm at the top, again looked into and working on the change).

I won’t spend a lot of time on the swings themselves as they aren’t as good as what I’ll make next time out, but it’s good to know that any doubts about the model itself are now dispelled and I can now work on making my swing with this model as good as can be made!

You’ll notice a different setup procedure than what I’ve done of late, but this is getting back to the basics I laid out in the “E = MCS” swing video from 2017 – I should do as I say, not as I do, and going back to basics felt great.

The setup balance and bias issue that was making everything else go wrong is gone, so all systems are go with this model.

Face-On – 2 Driver Swings w/Slow Mo

I knew when I got home and looked at the video that the club shaft was going too far past parallel, which indicated too steep a left arm going back, not enough left shoulder dip, and it only took a few minutes to get the feel of the proper angle going back.

Once I was doing it optimally, I could actually feel that everything was in sync on the pivot with regards to the kinetic chain, so I’m expecting even more leverage in the down swing when I get that right in the actual swings.

The grip, I’ve been working on for some time and it’s slowly improved, a little more work to make the next change feel natural (adjusting the right arm in the setup changes the right hand grip automatically, or you could say that adjusting the grip in the setup changes the arm attitude, everything is connected).

All in all, I’d give someone else a 9/10 or perhaps an 8.5/10 if they swung this way according to the MCS Classic model principles.

I’m after the 10/10 however, but this is fun now that I know exactly what has to be done instead of wondering if something in the model needs adjustment.

Based on how I was hitting the ball even while working on the changes last Tuesday, this is the way (without those two flaws) the model should work.

If luck holds, I should have some new irons video to go with the driver the next session – I should have got video two days ago but I’d already put the camera away having finished shooting driver, and was just enjoying hitting the rest of my bucket with various irons.

I’ll make sure to get ’em next time.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “The Model Research For Classic – Finished. A Couple Of Adjustments For Me, Personally

  1. Geoff Clark

    Hi DJ,
    It would seem that the stable lead foot is an important starting point to the proper setup – the sense at address of being able to get on that foot and it be stable through to the finish of the swing. Do you sense a relationship between your lead foot and your head? Hence the stability of both is connected? Asking for a friend 🙂

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Hey Geoff – tell your, ah, friend… 😉

      There’s a huge significance in the stable head/leading foot and they’re definitely connected. If the head moves, the upper torso is moving laterally and that’s the huge problem with consistency. What’s harder to toss a waded paper ball into, one where you’re standing perfectly still or one where you’re swaying back and forth as you release?

      Also, have you ever stepped onto a surface that was loose or slick and your leading foot slipped as you planted your weight? Now, try throwing a ball swaying back and forth and stepping forward onto a surface that slides or slips as you place your weight on it.

      This is what you’re dealing with, swinging a club with a moving head and unstable leading foot. One or both make it virtually impossible to do well, and only the absolute best players in the world can compete with others with this sort of thing going on.

      None of us are the best golfers in the world so we need every advantage, such as a stable head and leading foot while swinging a club.


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