The Leverage Is Real… And It’s Spectacular

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for since beginning my golf swing research back in the spring of 2005 (I remember the day, because it was U.S. Open Saturday and I had gone to the range for the first time in years before Tiger’s tee time that day).

I didn’t make the perfect swing today, but I finally got everything in place to swing with maximum leverage and, man, does it ever feel different from the way I’ve been doing it over the years.

It was tough going at the start because I was basically still “arm-swinging,” which is what I’ll call inefficient swinging from now on – when you use the body to leverage the swing, it is a far different animal.

As I swung, I knew that I still wasn’t there, but then I began to say, “wait a minute, you want to be coming straight down and through, not down and forward,” and my feel on the setup switched instantly from that moment.

Within a few balls, I was able to adjust the setup to provide that maximum leverage and it was over.

So, it wasn’t the grip, but that was an avenue I had to explore after taking a look at the grips of the same swingers I largely modeled the MCS Classic Golf Swing on at the beginning.

Right now however, I know it was the leveraging action I didn’t have down, and today I swung the driver and the other clubs the way I’d swing the training aid to get maximum leverage and speed through the bottom.

Now, this below is what I call, “down and through.” 

Notice that no matter how hard I’m swinging, my leading foot is completely stable and my finish is perfectly balanced on that leading foot – no lateral motion whatsoever, just down and through:

To show you the difference this makes, I was hitting 5 irons (among other irons) while warming up and wasn’t coming anywhere close to the 231 yard flag, but when I put away the driver at the end of recording video and hit more irons, I smashed the same 5 onto that target green with seemingly no effort.

And varying the distances was ridiculously easy – my 9 iron was flying the target green with the 157 yard flag and when I decided to hit some 7 irons at another flag, I made some easy swings at that 157 flag after a few balls and was just plunking 7 irons onto that green with what felt like pitch swings.

It’s all in how aggressively you get into that leading foot – the swings look virtually the same.

I really should have got some iron swings on video but that’s of small consequence – the mission is accomplished and I now get to shift gears – instead of range sessions trying to “get it” locked down with regards to setup and motion, I now have the setup and motion roughed out and can focus on polishing this swing model.

So, my setup and action when I’m finished fine-tuning may look slightly different than this as I sharpen the picture, but right now, I would not have any problem putting these two driver swings into a video demonstrating physically what I’m explaining verbally about how to swing with this model.

There are several swings from each angle I’d like to look at before posting any video, because there are bound to be some better than the others as today was my first day swinging in this manner.

Keep in mind as well that this is the way I look swinging according to this model – someone else may swing exactly the same way (using the setup and pivot principles I’ve established) and my look markedly different from me doing so.

At the end of the day, we are built differently but the same, so while our setup points may vary due to physical differences, the action if based on the same leveraging principles, will be the same action.

More, much more to come!

4 thoughts on “The Leverage Is Real… And It’s Spectacular

  1. BM

    Once when I was chipping there were some left over balls and I hit them with my 9 iron back onto the range. I had the distinct feeling that at slightly before impact I was smashing my weight onto my lead foot. Like you said, “It’s all in how aggressively you get into that leading foot.” And that day every shot was dead flush. Been chasing that feel ever since.

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Been chasing that feel ever since…

      You were probably doing some variation of what I finally got today, BM – the chase could be over for you in a short period of time! 🙂

  2. peterallenby2013

    down the line GIF is EFFORTLESS. Looks as if you simply move weight left and body turns out of the way to commence the LAUNCH! well done well done well done!

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Many thanks, PA – I’ve been bird-dogging this leverage concept for some time but I couldn’t believe it when I got it going:

      down the line GIF is EFFORTLESS. Looks as if you simply move weight left and body turns out of the way to commence the LAUNCH!

      Didn’t look like it, that’s exactly what was happening. And it looks like you’re going to get that long-promised final MCS Classic Golf Swing video this year. Things are looking up! 🙂


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