Take A Look At My Balance & Setup In 2018

Note: This is a blog post I may have posted back on March 2nd of 2021, but for some reason I don’t remember it, and ran across it in my Drafts Folder.

What I want to show in the face-on video how my balance and weighting were much better than of recent sessions – it’s possible the 2 year hiatus due to the pandemic affected my feel for the setup, but I’m working on it at present for the next session.

Two things stand out – my grip, which was very bad compared to what it should be (and the reason for my constant re-gripping before swinging), and of course on the down-the-line, the left-dominant arm positions.

But man, was I getting leverage and speed on the swings with this setup, which isn’t perfect but better than what I’ve had of late with all of the re-jigging and adjustments from session to session.

Apologies for the choppy slo-mo as my video camera had joined the great Dark Room In The Sky that summer and I was using a lesser-quality camera at that time, until I got an iPhone and solved that problem forever.

I will end the update note here, with the original title and intended posting below:

What My Swing Looked Like Driving The Ball 330 Yards In 2018

My readers who were here during 2018 will remember the numbers I worked on compiling with some trips to TGX Golf lab to show how powerful a leveraged swing could be, even at the age of 48 (which I was at the time).

Back then, I presented some driving stats which showed how a positive attack angle, optimal launch angle & spin rate could get a lot more out of a swing than one without those metrics.

To wit:

Even without having to swing at 120 mph & over, I demonstrated as seen above that you can carry a drive over 300 yards & hit 330 yards (and over of course with the right conditions such as downhill landing areas, following wind & fast-cut fairways as the pros all enjoy).

Here is some video of the last day I hit balls on the range before going to TGX about a week later & producing the above drive.

Face On:

Down The Line:

This is what one can do with the pivot action I took from Ben Hogan while leaving his other idiosyncrasies out of the swing model. Of course, his posture & weight bias were similar to that other great players of the Classic era as I’ve shown before:

More Drive Numbers From TGX Lab:

Keeping in mind I’m a swing researcher & play & practice daily – I  had hit balls on the range perhaps twice in the 3 weeks prior to getting these numbers – I’m sure anyone with regular practice & play would well exceed these in terms of distance, ball speed & accuracy.

While I work on the Dunaway Project this spring, I’m also looking at re-shooting a video that explains & breaks down the MCS Classic Golf Swing model based on Ben Hogan’s “Perfect Pivot” action on which I spent my time between 2014-2019.

It’s actually going on 3 years since I last released a video & the reason I removed the Classic Golf Swing videos from the MCS library was simply because I felt they were out of date.

Nothing in the model theory has changed but I wouldn’t be happy with the videos I made from ’17-’18 from a quality standpoint, so for those new readers who’ve come to the site since I took those videos down, I am planning on shooting a (hopefully) final look at that Classic Golf Swing

4 thoughts on “Take A Look At My Balance & Setup In 2018

  1. Roger

    Many people would take that 2018 swing all day. If you could offer a tip I have an issue on the course when I take my backswing my lower body locks up. Starting the downswing. Most tee shots were pull hooks. Worst round yesterday Been in mid seventies. Very frustrated Thanks

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      I would have taken that swing myself, years ago, Roger. But I’m not looking for good or pretty good, I’m past that. Gotta be optimal or as close to it as possible!

      And it could be you’re not transferring weight fully to the leading foot. If you don’t, the hips have nowhere to turn – I would suggest hitting some balls at the range making sure to get into that leading foot. If you have a squared leading foot, you’ll want to flare it to allow that hip turn with the weight shift. DJ

      1. Roger

        DJ That’s exactly what I knew I needed and before your advice I did go and hit a small bucket and worked on exactly what you said. Complete success. The other tip I don’t flare out that left foot. I’ll try to add that. Thanks for the coaching. I’m a huge believer in Mike Dunaway and the classic swingers. Love to see you try to qualify for the Senior Tour!! You have the swing for it

        1. DJ Watts Post author

          More than welcome, Roger – and I don’t know about playing tour golf, that’s a commitment equal to what I’ve put in on the swing theory research! I do know that I’ll be playing a lot more golf when my modeling work is done and, if I can get in enough playing, who knows what the future holds?

          Right now however, I’m more like a speed guy in football or the swing guy in baseball – I love the technical part of analysis and I may just get more analysis equipment and see what I can do for others in need of help.

          Like I say, who knows what the future holds? After the last two years, I’m just taking things day to day 🙂


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