Tuesday Was Interesting (Session 7 & Thoughts)

I thought, coming home on Tuesday afternoon, that I had not made any significant progress on the finalization of the swing model.

First, it was over 31C (approx 88F) with a humidex into the mid-30’s (high 90’sF) and I thought I was going to melt after the first few warm-up swings.

I’ll say right now that I have doubts about the weak grip – and that’s why I advised anyone swinging MCS at the moment not to make any changes, because I haven’t made a determination on it yet – while it may have been used by the swingers about whom I’ve been talking, I simply couldn’t make a weak grip work in the swing.

It could be that I need to do more setup work, but if it’s that difficult to perform, it is highly unlikely to be optimal, which is the setup I’m after.

I’ll see what happens as I continue investigating the matter.  Right now, I’m thinking that Nicklaus et al who had very weak grips (excepting Hogan, who was on some other trip with the entire swing) were doing something else, sort of a mass idiosyncratic move that I don’t do myself, to make it work.

Or it could be a rabbit hole.

At any rate, I took a cooling off break in the vehicle for about 5 minutes with the aircon running, then I went back and just hit some drivers, without working on anything, just to see how the motion was:

On another note – I have a sneaking suspicion that something I’ve been sure about at times, only to change my views on it, that the real problem of the golf swing is not one of technique, but simply because of the difference between the setup position and that of the impact position.

I won’t say any more about that until I’ve investigated a little more, but it’s something in my modeling research that keeps coming up and that I’ve kept discarding – but now that I’ve solved every other issue in the model and I’m still not happy with the 3 to 9 phase of the down swing, it’s possibly time to take another look.

It’s almost there, and I know it’s nearly there – but that last 5-10% is the hardest to nail down when you’re looking to get from pretty good to optimal.

I didn’t come all this way to say “Good enough,” because I could have stopped five years ago.

I’m after something more than “Good enough,” so the work continues.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Was Interesting (Session 7 & Thoughts)

  1. Dave

    My opinion on the grip (for what it’s worth!) is that thumb of the left hand should be placed on the side of the shaft, and the hand closed around so that it is held in the palm and pinched with the index finger.

    This puts the right hand in a position that makes sense for the brain to push through the shot in a dominant manner, whilst also allowing for a release which doesn’t close the club face down as much as traditional strong grip held in the fingers.

    I have used this grip now for many years and allows me to hit the ball straight with a slight draw providing I commit to the shot. I have carried old ping eye 2 1 irons 260 yards off the mat with battered range balls using that grip.

    Of course, like with all grips, nothing will save you if your pivot is off. Stall? That ball is going left. Too aggressive? Probably a push right – a common problem the with the long irons for me (3+)

    But my own journey is one focused on the pivot now. I found transferring my grooved arms driven and right side dominant range swing to the course not so easy once the pressure builds; dialing back and syncing up is much more important for low scoring – at it involves paying attention to the left arm.

    Funny old game anyway! Look a driving championships: Back in the day it used to be that you had to hit three balls straight down the middle, now it’s spray and pick the best one! 🙂

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      I agree with you on the long driving fiasco and its current state, Dave – unless you’re just trying to see who can uncork the longest drive no matter how many times they miss the grid, it’s a silly exercise.

      Long driving takes place in a grid – you can’t play golf with six balls per tee shot, which is essentially what they’re doing, but if there is a grid, then accuracy has some part of the competition, no?

      I’d say that one has to get at least two of three or four balls in play to even have a chance to advance, but even that can be massaged into something similar if not exactly the same as my standard.

      Winning the whole enchilada with one ball in play out of six is absurd, and likely why people don’t bother watching any more.

      PED testing, better standards for determining the winners, and you might get some interest back.

      As for the grip, I have done everything I can think of trying a weaker grip and I can’t make it work. Therefore, even if it worked for some, it can’t be optimal, because optimal is or should be the easiest way to hold the club, which brings us back to more or less the standard “V” at the trailing side ear, with some leeway depending upon the person.

      Not absolutely written in stone for me yet, but I’m beginning to see the letters.


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