The “One Major Move” Still Works For Both Models, I Believe

When I coined the “one major move” concept of the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, I had yet to get rid of my left-dominant setup and swing issues.

Even when I wrote last winter that the concept still applied, I hadn’t studied the issue of the grip for both models (I was of the opinion that it was a standard neutral for both),  but now, having solved that problem, I have re-visited the concept and am of the opinion that it will work even better than I had envisioned.

The good news for cross-dominant swingers (those who swing with their dominant arm closest to the target at setup), is that it should cure the left-dominant action of the swing if they follow the proper setup guidelines.

I, being both a right-handed athlete and a cross-dominant swinger (I am completely right-handed in sport but actually write left-handed), can mimic both a completely right-handed and left-armed swing now that I’ve solved the issue – and let me assure you that if you’re a cross-dominant swinger, you should be excited.

For the right-handed swingers who have always felt they were controlling the swing with their dominant arm, it’s going to be a piece of cake:

In fact, I believe the “One Major Move” concept works even better with the Post-Modern shift-and-post action because of the nature of that pivot.

Right-handers, it will be amazing for you once you have the proper setup.

And the cross-dominant people – even better news, you will still be able to make your downswing action with what you feel as a “pulling” of the swing from the top with your leading arm and side:

It is all and has always been all about the setup, which I will now be able to describe in both terms – proper dominant and cross-dominant.

Caveat On The Grip

Now, if you have any of my previous videos, please do not change anything in your grip right now, even though I can state with pretty close to 100% confidence that the grip in the MCS Classic Golf Swing is going to change from the “E = MCS” video, not because the standard neutral was wrong, but because the optimal grip is so much better.

In fact, the standard neutral to strong grip issue has probably been as big a problem with swingers, if not a bigger one, than the cross-dominant setup and swing action have been.

The problem is that when you change your grip, you will have to adjust your stance, and I have not yet determined exactly how much weaker than neutral the grip may have to be, and what exact changes to the setup that will require.

So, right now your best course of action if swinging MCS is to stay the course before ruining your swing trying to figure it out (unless that’s a risk you’re willing to take, because this is just advice).

Just remember that the neutral grip is not so much wrong as it isn’t optimal.

My Views On Theory And Changing Things

That’s the great thing about theory, research and experimentation – when evidence comes along to show a change is required or at least advisable, you simply make the change!

Because, what exactly is a theory?

I’m probably repeating myself here but I’m always geeking out a little when I get into theory – I’ve already admitted that I spend a good deal of my television viewing time watching science shows, especially astrophysics – but a theory is never a fact, only a best-knowledge prediction based upon observation and experimentation.

Sir Isaac Newton’s theory on gravity was that it was a force, and humankind has actually sent men to the moon and back with science based upon his developed calculations (if you didn’t know, Newton developed calculus math to explain gravity and the solar system, and when asked why he’d done it, he replied, “because I had need for it.”).

But he couldn’t account for the strange orbit of Mercury, and that’s where Albert Einstein stepped in with his own gravity explanation and his particular maths on gravity.

His theory both predicted Mercury’s orbit around the sun and proved that gravity is actually a deformation of space and time caused by great masses – so you can say that Newton was wrong, when most scientists would probably just say that Newton’s theory was slightly lacking and Einstein filled in the hole.

Newton’s theory was his best-knowledge prediction of how gravity worked and would work, with his calculus to prove it (except for Mercury, whose orbit he ascribed “to God”), so he wasn’t wrong.

Einstein just had a better best-knowledge prediction on gravity that, to this day, is still the one we go with – until perhaps one day someone presents something that surpasses Einstein’s.

I don’t know about all of you, but I am pretty sure that Isaac Newton was a far more intelligent person than I am, so if he didn’t know absolutely everything about his theory, I won’t feel bad discovering that something in my own theory on something requires adjusting.

I will never cling to a theory or belief simply because I’ve stated something in the past – the minute I feel or think that while my belief is sound, there is a better method or way, I will investigate it immediately and make any required change, because ego has no place in the lab.

The MCS theory on the swing began with the notion that the neutral grip is the best one (optimal) to adopt for the setup, and I had never seen any evidence to counter that notion until I began to look closely at the greatest swingers’ own grips.

From there, I began to take apart the setup and reassemble it with a weaker grip, and eventually I found how and why the grip should be weaker than neutral with the Classic swing and probably stays neutral with the Post-Modern model.

Now, I’m in the about-to-find-out stage on the grip and, barring any other unforeseen arising of yet some other issue, I may be close to wrapping things up.

More to come!

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