Here’s Some Natural Leverage (Video)

As I was getting video to analyze in yesterday’s session, I noticed something that was happening due to the increase of natural leverage I was generating due to the setup and mechanics changes.

Already mentioned was that I felt so little effort on the actual swings once I got to the top and transferred my weight back to the leading foot – you could really now call it what I coined as the “leading foot stomp” back in the early 2010’s to describe the transition.

What was happening on some swings was that everything was coming down from the top so effortlessly and with such power, take a look at my driver shaft on both the face-on and down the line swings at the finish:

You see how, even though my swing was essentially over at the swing bottom, the momentum was still strong enough to bounce the shaft off my upper back and bend it before rebounding?

That wasn’t something I was doing on purpose, but it shows that my arms and hands were so relaxed post-impact that the club was still moving pretty well into my upper back.

Again with the face-on:

Swinging only once per week or even once every 10 days to 2 weeks when I have things to sort in the real world, I normally have soreness in the swinging muscles post-session and for a couple of days afterward.

Today however, very little soreness and what were actually hurting yesterday were my hands – increasing the leverage put a lot more work into gripping that club solidly through impact and I’d say my gripping muscles were working the hardest yesterday.

There is so little physical muscle effort when you use the body to leverage the club rather than brute force – I mentioned in a comment last evening that I swung the driver for over 2 hours and still had plenty of steam left – it was my hands that made me say, “Enough for today,” or I might still be out there, such was the pleasure of the session.

To conclude, I’ve been working on the grip analysis and am pretty solid now on the requirement for the weaker grip and why – without the why, then you’re just left with a statement declaring something without a reason why.

The picture is so much clearer without all of the static removed that my old swing issues were creating.

More to come.