I Swung A Golf Club Properly Today – For The 1st Time In My Life

I’ve just looked at some of the video I shot today and can confirm that today is the 1st day in my life that I’ve swung a golf club properly.

Not perfectly, mind you – but I’m finally there, setting up with 1. a right dominant hand and arm position, 2. a neutral grip and 3. swinging with a floating pivot action and 4. swinging right arm dominant, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have finally got to this point.

First, here’s the adjusted setup compared to the last time out:

What an improvement in weight distribution.

So here’s how things went – it was not my typical day, where I get to the range, hit some warm-up shots with various irons and then go for the big boy.

After my irons, I did indeed grab the driver, but instead of just hitting a few drives and then setting up the camera to shoot some swings, I had a different thing happen.

First, the range deck was filled with kids and balls from the morning’s Junior Camp session, but as I was warming up, they all broke for lunch and left piles of balls there – the instructor who was wrangling the juniors remarked to me as he walked by that anyone was free to hit the leftover balls, so I shrugged and raked a few over.

Let me interrupt myself to show my improved setup shown down the line:

More erect, almost no left arm visible, there’s your proper right-dominant setup.  About bleeding time.

I probably spent the better part of the first hour on the tee hitting those leftover balls, and I just couldn’t get comfortable with the stance change, grip change and everything else that goes haywire with changes.

Usually, I would have just hit my basket with the video shooting then returned home to figure out the issues, but today, I had lots of time.

I therefore said to myself, “You’ve got a million balls here, save the basket and video for when you figure it out and work it out here and now…”

I managed, while going back and forth with the swing aid, to see how I wasn’t quite loading properly at the top to leverage back down.

One problem solved.

Then, I hit a bunch of drives left.

Great leverage, great speed, absolutely no feeling of effort on the down swing because of the leverage, and they were awesome drives – except they were all going left.


I finally figured out that I was turning my upper body on the downswing and pulling everything, again using the swing aid.

I had to feel that old “Trebuchet Drop” sensation from years back, where due to your head remaining in place on the down swing with the hips moving hard to the left, you actually have a feeling of the head dropping way back and down through impact – but that’s just a sensation, because as you’ll see in the gif., it was doing nothing of the sort:

So, the first swing making sure I felt that “Trebuchet Drop,” I smashed that ball so hard, so straight and sooo long, with absolutely no sense of physical effort, I knew I’d finally done it.

By “it,” I mean that I’ve finally purged the last of my personal swing flaws and can now hone in on the optimal setup and action, which I nearly nailed today even as I struggled with the alien sensation of setting up right-dominant and with a neutral grip.

Now I can finish this off in pretty short order as all the pieces are there.

I’ll be looking into improving that back pivot as well as the transition move and down swing.

It’s a matter of fine-turning, essentially buffing the rough finish of this swing action you’re seeing above, and I’ll see if I can investigate a little further into that weak vs neutral grip issue I’ve been discussing.

We’re nearly there, WAX Nation!

More to come!

9 thoughts on “I Swung A Golf Club Properly Today – For The 1st Time In My Life

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      This is what I’d call a strong grip, Walter. A neutral grip has the “V” of the right hand pointing in the general direction of the right ear, you may have heard it called “standard.”

      1. Walter

        okay but didn’t just say you switched to a neutral grip, so I assumed those pics are of your neutral grip, thus my asking for your strong grip look. Or am I confused on what you were saying?

        1. DJ Watts Post author

          I did say I switched to a more neutral grip – today’s was the same as the last session. What was different today was the new adjustments in the setup along with keeping that neutral grip.

          Today’s adjustments were a more erect posture, narrower stance width and better weight distribution.

          1. Walter Sexsmith

            okay so in the pics you’re still showing your strong grip, got it. Yes I also found if I stood taller it was much better for me.

            1. DJ Watts Post author

              Not so much “strong” as “strong-ish,” much closer to standard neutral than anything I’ve ever swung with.

              Today I was primarily concerned with the historical flaws I’ve had swinging right-handed as a cross-dominant person.

              So, following today’s success with becoming a right-dominant swinger with a close-to-optimal stance and swing action, I get to move ahead with making my swing optimal.

              I am still of the notion that it’s the grip for me. Have to weaken it. I could have sworn it was weak today until I got home to look at the video.

              Fortunately it was the other issues that I’ve solved that had to be dealt with.

              I can now investigate the grip issue as everything else has been fixed.

              Things are only heating up, Walter.

              From how I was striking the ball today with so little effort (I probably hit driver for over 2 hours and barely felt I was swinging because of the natural leverage), I know I’m on the doorstep.

              Next stop – Mission Accomplished.

  1. BM

    Enjoyed reading how pleased you were with your ‘no sense of physical effort’. That’s the impression I have of watching Jack’s driver swing in his Golf My Way video. He said his intention was to have maximum extension at impact. And it looks like you have those two elements working as well. Doesn’t swinging becomes a genuine pleasure in that zone?

    Jack says after belting one with a totally fluid swing: “Frankly, I prefer that one.” 🙂

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      BM, it was a different experience, I’ll tell you.

      I’ve of course been using more or less mechanically-correct technique all these years, but finding that leverage slot by changing some things… surreal and thoroughly enjoyable!

      I can’t wait until I get that last piece of the puzzle inserted (the optimal grip) – I know it’s going to be something! 😁

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