What Did I Say About Nicklaus Being So Close To Optimal? Watch This Stance Adjustment

I wrote about how 23 year old Jack Nicklaus’ swing at that time was so close to being unable to be improved upon, and let me show you what I meant by that.

His down the line has always been what one would call an optimal stance, with the erect, non-squatting posture, relaxed upper spine and weight balanced over the feet.

In fact, when I looked at all of the great players, their down the line silhouettes were nearly identical if you factor out differences in physique:

Hogan being the shortest of the three above, he stood a little more erect, and it could have been that he had very long arms for his height as well, but you see that same erect, non-squatting and relaxed posture over the ball in all three, n’est-ce pas?

This is of course how I built the down the line stance for the MCS Golf Swing – it’s no coincidence that these three stood this way over the ball and were among the best of their respective generations.

Now, to my starting proposition:

So, my only critique of ’63 Jack was the width of his stance – forgive the clumsy photo manipulation as I’m not a Photoshop expert (I actually used Paint), but look at what I meant by:

… simply shift his trailing foot (no more than 4-6″) until the heel is roughly in line with the right side of his head and he’d have been just about there.

Now, compare and contrast the original stance with my shifting Jack’s right leg closer to center and how it instantly transforms the visual:

I don’t know about you, but that looks just about perfect for the MCS Classic Golf Swing model’s face-on stance, doesn’t it?

Mine isn’t there yet as I still have the grip to adjust, which actually changes how you stand over the ball (more on that later), but look at JN’s adjusted stance beside mine the last time I was out this week:

If I turned my head just before beginning my pivot, you’d see barely a difference aside from the grip (my right arm looks more rigid than his, but I would wager that changes after the right hand position weakens to match his), and I’m noticing now that my own stance is a hair wide (again, due to the grip, and I’ll talk about that at a later time).

I was absolutely mesmerized looking at that Adjusted Jack pic when I made it a couple of days ago.  It looks so…


I figured out the Hogan pivot so quickly after I decided to conduct what I called at the time “The Ben Hogan Project,” which resulted in a video on Hogan’s pivot that I produced in September 2014 and which was the beginning of the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

I at a later time had considered a “Jack Nicklaus Project,” and I wonder now how much more quickly I might have arrived at the optimal golf swing model had I not discarded it due to circumstances I no longer recall.

Well, better late than never, n’est-ce pas?