What A Difference A Grip Change Makes

I got home and looked at some of the video I shot today, and I can’t believe how weak my grip felt today versus how it looks – it’s weaker than last week but still on the strong side, I’d say.

While it may not look much weaker, it definitely made a difference in my setup and swing action and I believe I’m not there yet but nearly.

Here’s a look at the setup from last week compared to today:

Looking it now after inserting it into the post, I’d say that it’s now your standard neutral grip, with the “V” pointing at my right ear instead of the edge of my right shoulder as it was last week.

Now, being more or less neutral, it’s just a little stronger than Jack Nicklaus’ grip in his “Golf My Way” instructional:

The action looked much better to my eye than last week’s motion, especially through impact and the finish:

It was tough going to make good swings due to the strangeness of the grip feel – and this is why you don’t say it “felt better” the old way – it only did because you were used to the feeling and when making a change, you have to fight through the strange feel.

I do see where I need to make a little adjustment in my setup stance width-wise, but overall much better than last week.

Down the line:

… things are looking more the way I want to see and there is much less of my leading arm showing pre-swing.

As far as results, I absolutely hammered the ball when I began to get used to the different feeling – I had taken out the SC300i for a few driver swings and on the best ones, it was giving me low to mid 290’s in the carry estimates, so I was likely in the 310-315 yard carry range.

On one drive, it gave me 293 carry and 307 total, but I actually saw the ball land near the base of the mound I had measured (323 halfway up) and bounced up and over it – which would confirm the 300i being about 10% off distances as that drive definitely went between 330-340 yards.

Ball speed was up slightly as well, hitting a high of 173, so I’m inching closer to getting back to 180 mph, which I likely haven’t done since 2017, five years ago.

So, 52 years old and feeling much younger with a driver in my hands.

In fact, here’s my reaction on the above drive, when I didn’t have the monitor turned on, and having bounced the ball over the same mound, because I’m not expecting to be driving range balls these distances, especially with a strong slice wind:

I looked at the camera, thinking “are you kidding me?” and that was when I grabbed the Bushnell and shot that mound again (323 from that spot on the tee deck) just to make sure the mound wasn’t something like 280 or 290 yards.

I’ll be back later with more thoughts and analysis – but I’ll be taking a few days before the next session to think about this grip a little more, and do some visualization with the swing aid before getting back to it.

I’m close, though! Closer after today than I’ve been in a long while, if at all, and I know that because I’m beginning to feel the body now working as a machine.

Today was more athletic intuition because of the strange feel of the grip change, but I may weaken it a little more, and when I hit the right setup, it should all feel like a well-oiled swing engine.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “What A Difference A Grip Change Makes

  1. Rick

    I am glad that you have discovered the weak grip improvement. Over the years, I have also gone towards a weak grip and found that my ball striking was far improved. Keep up the good work. I have been following your blog for several years and hope that the culmination of the entire effort for me will be improved ball striking and lower scores. I keep trying to implement your findings as best as I can and at 74 years of age I can not claim the improvements that you are seeing but I am working my way out of the modern swing theory and back to the methods and techniques that I learned many years ago. Thank you.

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