A New Theory Involving The Grip – And Standing At The Precipice?

Since I noticed that I had not stayed with the neutral grip that I mentioned having fixed, I have been looking extensively into the grip and why it’s not just recommended but required – and I discovered something else.

What that was, was that I really never “fixed” my grip to make it neutral, and that was the problem causing certain things to go off-script in my golf swing.

Sure, there is definitely merit to the assertion that my left-dominant setup and swing action were a big issue in replicating the MCS Classic Golf Swing with optimal setup and mechanical action, but the grip was also problematic.

If you look at what I thought I had fixed:

… you’ll see that although the right hand position looks better in May ’20 than October ’19, a quick glance at the left hand on the club will show that it is still a strong grip, just with a more traditional position of the right hand on the club, thumb and forefinger-wise.

But still strong.

I don’t even want to say, “strong, weak or neutral” when discussing the grip on the club, I would rather say “optimal” because that what it would be.

Like this below:

I would say this because, if you look at Nicklaus’ grip on the club, the “V” of his thumb and forefinger do not point at his right ear, the way the traditional “neutral” grip is described.

That “V” is pointing at about between his left ear and shoulder!

Perhaps that was just at some point in his career? What would he say in something like a swing video near the end of his career instead of when he was 23 years old as he was above?

In “Golf My Way,” the grip is just a tad weaker, but was Jack perhaps making his grip a little stronger in his 40’s so as to turn the ball over more easily or, losing distance with age, perhaps going with a slight draw at times off the tee, hence a little stronger grip?

Who knows? I’ll never get to ask him, but even comparing his stronger grip than in 1963, the “V” is still not pointing at his right ear directly but closer to the middle of his forehead.

I can discount that he was simply presenting a more traditional grip than what he used because the video was on how to swing his way.

So, definitely a little stronger grip but not even traditionally strong, and so what is the optimal grip for the MCS Classic Golf Swing?

I will tell you all right now, there is an optimal grip that is definitely not a strong grip, and the model has always had what you’d call a “neutral” aspect to it.

However, since I’ve built the model from observation and am still working on replicating it, I have to say right now that upon inspecting Jack Nicklaus’ grip at various times in his career:

… I can see that his younger self had a very weak grip (“V” nearly pointing at the edge of his left shoulder above) compared to his older self.

Now, I have been using a neutral-to-weak grip myself with my training aid swings at home, and I have never seen my actual grip on a golf club other than a strong one, so while I know what the suspected optimal grip feels like, I have yet to capture it on video.

My next range session will be instructive to me for two reasons:

  • the first, being that I have a hunch that the optimal grip for the MCS Classic Golf Swing may change from neutral to neutral-weak (between traditional neutral and weak) and it may not, and
  • having gone over everything all week since noticing my flawed grip, I am pretty sure that it’s the last hurdle to clear (assuming I get everything else correctly and a stealth flaw doesn’t creep in to muck things up) and if it is, I could be currently standing at the edge of the precipice mentioned in the title of this posting.

I’m chewing on the fact that I may have been messing around with countless variations of the model in trying to solve my own swing problems when the two most glaring flaws (left dominance and far too strong a grip) may have been the sole barriers to my replicating the optimal model for years now.

It’s been 5 years since the “E = MCS” video, which was the first video in which I was sure I was presenting the optimal classic golf swing model, and it could very well be that I nailed it right from the winter of ’16-’17 and my own flaws were standing in the way of my proving it.

So… very excited about that next session, which I hope will be very soon in the near future!

More to come.

2 thoughts on “A New Theory Involving The Grip – And Standing At The Precipice?

  1. neil massa

    Thanks for more fascinating content. I’m pleased you are dedicating some time to the grip as it’s something I constantly wrestle with DJ. Looking forward to the next post. I’m interested in your views on overlap vs interlock. Someone said to me that Jack Nicklaus once said that he wished he had used an overlapping grip, if that was true, why would he say that? What the mechanics behind this??

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Speaking personally Neil, I’ve tried all three grips and I use the overlap. I can’t say it’s better than the interlock but it just feels more comfortable and natural to me.

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