Can I Still Drive It 350 And Over? (I Say Yes)

I say that because of the drive I hit on the range yesterday, with a used range ball, that went 332 yards if it went an inch, because I was able to actually laser measure it when it stopped.

I mention all the time that there are mounds at the back of the range guarding the Par 3 course beyond it and, depending on how close you are to the back limits of the range tee deck, can be up to 350 yards distant.

Yesterday, they were about 330 yards away and I hit this drive while taking video. You’ll see by my reaction as I watched the ball in the air and after it landed, that I was surprised to see it bound up the near slope of one of the mounds I was using as fairway boundaries.

You’ll see at 0:31 that I mutter “Oh my God…” to myself before reaching for the laser range finder – because of the speed that ball was still traveling when it hit the mound and hopped up nearly to the top and over.

I could actually see the ball perched there on the side of the mound, so I grabbed the Bushnell Range Finder and measured exactly 332 yards to the ball!

Now, considering that the ball was actually stopped by the mound, making it it a shorter drive than it would have been had the mound not been there  (and that it was a used range ball), I figure it would have been at least 340-345 yards on flat ground – add the 10% lost in distance (at least) with a range ball instead of a quality brand ball… it’s easily a more-than 350 yard drive.

It was downwind, yes – but that range is not mowed close so give me a Long Drive competition grid or a professional fairway and with no breeze, you’re still looking at a potential drive distance of closer to 375 yards than 350.

And that was with a TaylorMade RBZ driver set at 8.5 degrees loft with a standard length Ozik SSFX4 White Tie shaft – this is a 2014 technology store-bought club, so it isn’t even fitted to me personally so I’ll take it.

It excited me because:

1. It’s always a thrill to get these kinds of distances standing on a range 10 days after the last time I hit a golf ball,

2. I mentioned yesterday that I felt there was a power leak in my swing (found that, next post will discuss) and still hit that drive,

3. I think of the analysts on television making such a big deal out of 20-something and 30-something year olds hitting 330 yard drives that include 50 yards of run on fairways tighter than the greens we play on and

4. I’m 52 freaking years old and don’t work out.

If that doesn’t tell you there is something to my swing theory, I don’t know what else to say.

For me, personally, I am getting pretty confident that, after I reach optimal action and after having got rid of that left-dominance in the swing, my longest drives are still ahead of me.

Especially when I decide to get fitted for a couple of quality drivers – I haven’t done so yet because I began my research with my old clubs and store-bought clubs over the years and just haven’t cared enough to this point to get fitted.

More to come.

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