3 Sessions In, The Model Is Still The Model

I thought when I realized I was thinking too laterally about the swing and not rotationally enough that I was actually going to have to re-tool the model I finished working on in 2017.

It may well be that it was simply a very fundamental change in the “feel” of the pivot without actually having changed anything in the setup or pivot action.

The thing is though – I actually used to pivot the way I know is required for the MCS Classic Golf Swing model – it was just that when I was pivoting that way, my left-arm-dominance in both setup and swing action were the problem.

Sometime between then and now, I lost the pure rotational pivot action and began to shift laterally either on the back pivot or into the down swing – some of you will remember my musing a couple of years ago that perhaps the head must shift laterally, either on the back swing or the down swing.

I was still lost in the left-dominant weeds at the time, so I’ll give myself a break – trust me, I feel I have taken more than enough time to figure all of this out and my patience is wearing thin with my heretofore inability to replicate the model I built…

DJ’s Patience

To be fair, when you are working on something with which no one else can assist you (since no one even thinks of the Classic Golf Swing anymore), with a complex moving-parts system (the body, club and ball), any change in one part leads to a cascade of changes down the line.

When I STILL Don’t Have It

In that regard, if I go off track with one part of the swing action, I have no one to sit there and say, “Hey DJ, you’re shifting laterally on the pivot now, tighten it up…”

It’s a laborious process where I hit the balls, gather my monitor data, head back to analyze the video and then try to figure out what I’m missing that prevents the swings being replications of the optimal setup and motion…

Me Watching Swing Clips & Thinking Hard…

All of that said, I was intending to get out on Wednesday to see if Session 4 was the one where I got the pieces all together (rained out), and then it was to have been today (heavy winds moved in with major gusts, so no could do), but from what I’ve been working on, everything is there.

And it would appear that the model is still unchanged, the way I built and described it in the “E = MCS” video on the MCS Classic Golf Swing model.

I checked it thoroughly by simply going through the video and seeing if I’m doing anything differently from what I explained (minus the left-dominant swings, of course) and I can’t find anything I’d change.

I’d love to wrap things up this month in order to move on to the next phase, which would be gathering video content as well as shifting focus before summer’s end to the MCS Post-Modern Swing model – but first things first, I want to put the Classic theory to bed before I start anything new.

At the end of it, I would suppose that taking 4 or 5 sessions to finally iron it all out after nearly three years off swinging regularly (I’ve probably only had a half-dozen sessions in the ’19 and ’20 seasons) wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

I’m just very eager to get this done and dusted.

More to come…


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