I’ve Been Looking At The Swing The Wrong Way, Dimensionally

I’ve been looking and thinking of the swing in 2-dimensional terms, and that is a fatal error.

It’s not as bad conceptually as, say, looking at the swing as ending at impact, which is how many golfers (including the best) injure themselves getting into an impact position they think is correct while not looking at and recognizing that the swing continues to the finish – impact is merely where the ball is struck, but the swing continues, everyone must agree.

So, looking at a swing of Fred Couples’ switched something on in my head Friday evening but I didn’t realize until today why it was so significant.

Of course, I knew right away when I began to rebuild the setup and swing action that I had made an important conceptual advancement in my theory-building, but it only hit me today that it was because instead of looking at the swing action like this:

… or like this:

… or even like this:

… I should have been thinking of the swing in terms of this:

The golf swing, or at least the Classic Golf Swing, is a rotary action and the problem with looking at it from the ground level is that you tend to reduce the visual to a 2-dimensional one.

Granted, that’s how the overwhelming majority of people who look at a golf swing look at it, and it doesn’t matter the angle from which you view a swing when on the same level as the swinger – your brain will work in a 2-dimensional way when problem-solving.

That’s my opinion at the least – and it is so because the minute I began to rebuild the setup and swing action on Friday, I began to think about the setup and swing from a 3-dimensional viewpoint that I could only visualize from a viewpoint of looking down upon the setup and motion from above.

This is not actually a “Gadzooks, I’ve been completely wrong in my modeling and have to start from scratch!” being wrong, it’s more of a “Gadzooks, this should take me from 90% to 100% in the modeling work I’ve been doing on the MCS Classic Golf Swing model!” kind of wrong.

I can’t wait for the next range session.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Looking At The Swing The Wrong Way, Dimensionally

  1. BM

    I recently went back to view Jack’s Golf My Way video and was captivated by his above the head view in slow mo. He narrates as it shows the swing again and again. He is saying, “Notice how everything moves back together.” And I was kinda shocked at how inside his takeaway was. I had been lost in the weeds for some years in some cockeyed attempt to take the club ‘straight back’ from the ball. Here comes all arms swing! Here comes inconsistent contact and weak shots! It’s funny, but the closer one comes to swinging like Bobby Jones, the better one becomes.

    I’m very thankful for your posts, because they keep me thinking, striving and challenging sacred cows….

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      Now you’re onto something, BM! And you’re more than welcome, that’s why I do what I do.

      The old greats, from Bobby Jones to Jack – they knew how to swing with mechanical-correctness, and there is no re-inventing the wheel.

      The Modern Swing X-Factor junk is exactly that – junk. Jack Nicklaus called it nonsense in the 70’s and it remains so.

      Good find!


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