Friday’s Session – Two OK Swings Here

I just finished a post about how I’ve been looking at and thinking of the golf swing the wrong way in attempting to finish my journey of replicating the MCS Classic Golf Swing model, so I won’t bother posting much of Friday’s range session.

Here are a few things however, that I could point out about how things looked at the time:

First off, let’s look at the down-the line:

So in this session, I managed to put the two things together that I saw were missing in the first two sessions of the season, those being 1) too extended from the ball on the first session and 2) still being left-biased in my setup balance and focus while having fixed the left-dominant arm situation.

I fixed those particular issues on the 3rd session and I like how much more “under” me the swing comes on the down swing, or perhaps more “behind” me coming down with the club, instead of out in front of me pre-impact.

Looking face-on with the driver:

More of a one-motion swing rather than the two-piece motion I observed before:

… and I can now see some good transition leverage from the top to the 3 O’clock position (remembering that the face of the clock is your body looking out at the camera):

Everything is connected (kinetic chain) with the leading knee moving left to the target and pulling the hips which pull the upper torso which pulls the arms and clubs.

In essence, the entire swing is powered by the weight shift to the leading foot, while the body position provides the leverage.

Then, nice and quiet in the 9 to 3 O’clock phase:

The start of that little foot slide pre-impact however was the indication (before the evening revelation) that there was still something missing from the setup, and now I’ll try another go at things with the new 3D visual concept that came to me then.

I have no idea how things will go and what it will look like, but that’s the thing with an experiment – you don’t have a pre-conclusion at which to arrive, only a hunch or supposition, and it is only after the experiments have concluded that you can honestly arrive at a definitive statement.

So, am I afraid that my original theory on the MCS Classic Golf Swing was wrong?

Not one whit – I think the visuals I had were not the optimal way of looking at and thinking about the swing, but I have no clue whether that changes any of the mechanical or positional theory… yet.

I’ll know pretty soon, after which I’ll have either proven my theory as it stands, or I’ll have improved upon it to actually make it optimal if it wasn’t.

Either way, it’s a win-win for anyone reading this blog with an eye to building the best swing they can.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Session – Two OK Swings Here

  1. BM

    DJ, as I look at your face on GIF, I see you don’t bump the trail hip a bit. It stays put until the pivot pulls it backward into your full hip depth. So this means to me that you are pivoting everything right from the start. Doesn’t that have to mean that any weight shift is only a result of the weight of your arms and shoulders rotating back? Or is there some micro stepping in place going on? Love the discoveries you are uncovering….

    1. DJ Watts Post author

      I will wait to see how my swing is working once I’ve got everything put together before answering this question, if that’s OK with you, BM – a work in progress will not be the finished product and I do indeed believe a little bump is optimal to trigger the pivot.

      I guess I answered it already 😂

      That’s all I’ll say until I have it all in the bag however.


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